Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • DPS has published information about how citizens should interact with troopers during traffic stops. Amazingly, I agree with 99% of it. The really only issue I had was the first sentence of this paragraph regarding how drivers and passengers should "respond with courtesy." That's good advice, but a person has no obligation to do that. It would be wise to use courtesy, but the government has no right to tell people they "should" act a certain way. 
  • Greatest idea ever:
  • Everyone should watch the Steve Bannon 60 Minutes interview. To me, he truly is the most fascinating man in the world. 
  • Tony Romo was amazingly good in his first broadcast. I'm stunned.
  • Note to police officers based upon what I saw yesterday at the courthouse: When the prosecutor starts a question off with "I want you to listen very carefully to this question" he is giving you a warning to not say something you shouldn't. 
  • If Mike Huckabee doesn't go into the "Dad Joke Hall Of Fame", no one should. 
  • I missed ESPN's 30 for 30 on the NFL strike where the NFL used "scabs" to play the game. I actually went to the Cowboys game against the Eagles during the strike. It was almost a sellout. Danny White and Tony Dorsett had crossed the picket line and played. The Cowboys still lost on a very questionable (did-he-throw-the-game?) incompletion into the end zone from close range at the end of the game. 
  • And that strike taught me an important lesson. The North is different from the South. All of those NFL "scab games" were pretty well attended in the south and the west. In Chicago across to the Northeast, where unions and the working man are respected, the stadiums were almost vacant. 
  • Nothing to see here. Don't worry about a conflict of interest or that silly Emoluments Clause: 
  • I watched the original Indiana Jones move the other day, Raiders of the Lost Ark. I had forgotten how great it was. What made Jones endearing was that he was a true bad arse, but he would have those expressions of "I'm really in over my head" from time to time. 
  • Note to BagOfNothing who asked this morning if I would think the news yesterday about the new iPhone and Apple Watch was a "paid ad." There's a world of difference between that news and news of a new Blue Bell flavor. (No offense, buddy.)
  • That Plano mass murder case is beyond bizarre. It kind of goes back to road rage -- people under 30 (35?)years of age seem to "snap" these days when they become enraged and become unglued. 
  • Back in 1984, there was a nightclub shooting in Dallas after a guy got mad and six were killed with a handgun. It was so shocking that it lead to a change in Texas' capital murder laws allowing for the death penalty when two or more are killed during the same incident. I remember it to this day. We will remember the Plano mass shooting?