Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • An ESPN reporter called Trump a White Supremacist on Twitter. Yesterday, White House Spokesman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the reporter should be fired. Let that sink in. The government is calling for the firing of a citizen because of something they said.  I'm still trying to figure out whether she is dumber than her daddy. It's a really tough call. 
  • Neo-nazis are "good people" but someone who criticizes Trump should be fired? Ok, got it. 
  • Baylor's back-up Tight End, who was scheduled to start against Duke this weekend, was ruled out yesterday due to "illness." Who gets ruled out of a Saturday game because of an illness on Wednesday? 
  • I'm seriously thinking about doing a daily bullet point on how long each night it takes Fox 4's Steve Eagar to screw up reading from the teleprompter. It truly is incredible.
  • The Cleveland Indians 21 game winning streak is more impressive than winning a World Series. 
  • Los Angeles will get the 2028 Olympic summer games. That seems huge but hasn't made a lot of news.  
  • Northwest ISD has school buses with kids sitting in aisles because of overcrowding. They allow three per seat but it could just be kids are sitting in the aisle because what kid wants to sit three to a seat?
  • Trump cut a deal with Democrats last night on DACA, then denied it this morning, and then followed it up with this 180 implying he did agree to it. 
  • Ann Coulter was not pleased: 
  • I want a Sholarship!
  • There's a weird trend on radio ads (and at least one on TV) where the obviously cuss but it is bleeped out. No thanks. That's not cute.