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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I was not the hardest working man in show business yesterday. But I'm about to make up for it. 
  • A plane carried this over Lake Bridgeport yesterday. Who is this Stacey gal? And did she say yes?

  • I've mentioned former Baylor receiver K.D. Cannon before. Lots of talent. Not real smart. He went undrafted and then was paid $40,000 by the Raiders as a free agent and cut within a week. He then signed with the Jets. This is an update. Place your bets. 
  • CNN did something very weird. They tracked down the Reddit user who created the video of CNN being thrown down in a wrestling match -- the one that Trump posted in one of the most embarrassing moments in U.S. presidential history. The guy who was tracked down issued an apology but CNN didn't identify him on the following condition (see graphic). Hey, either identify him (he deserves it) or not, but don't blackmail him. 
  • The Texas Tribune regurgitated the dumbest argument I've ever heard yesterday: "Reminder: Texas cannot secede from the United States."  Why, they say? Because it is "illegal." Look, the secession argument is stupid. But to say it can't happen because it is illegal is more stupid. Was the Civil War "illegal"? Was the American Revolution "illegal"? Was gambling illegal at Bushwood, sir?
  • Bad holiday:
  • You hate big government? Think about this: Do you have a family member or good friend that is employed by the government? I bet 100% of you will say "yes." Yep, 100%.
  • Odd headline: 
  • But I may get a Crimestoppers fee for solving it: 
  • I cleaned a crappie for the first time in years yesterday. It did not go well. 
  • This is an incredible story about the government making accusations that they can't prove. 

  • “At some point in the future, we’re going to look back and say how did we do it without space? . . . This is infinity here. It could be infinity. We don’t really know. But it could be. It has to be something — but it could be infinity, right?” - Donald Trump speaking with Buzz Aldrin right beside him (and creating  a very funny photo.)
  • Mrs. LL over the weekend: "If you ever think about retiring, we could buy the Twin Hills convenience store!" After initially dismissing it out of hand, I thought about Clerks. I just need a funny buddy to come visit the beaten down me!
  • The New Yorker had an article about how demographics will change Texas and the country's political landscape. (How many years have I been preaching this?) It's coming like a freight train. And the leaders in Austin don't realize it. 
  • I found this over the weekend: A 1977 Texas Monthly issue. I'm giddy to read it -- from everything to the articles to the ads. (And the price was $1.25 back in the day.)
  • How do 28 people get injured in a Little Rock nightclub after gunfire breaks out and no one dies? And how are there no suspects?


Anonymous said...

And how are there no suspects?

There are, but they're difficult to distinguish from one another.

Anonymous said...

We'll be right over when we finish with this yard.

DF Egrets

Anonymous said...

I should have stayed in space.

DF Buzz Aldrin

Anonymous said...

Texans who think Texas should secede always assume that all the non-Texan people and companies would stay here. Fact is, there would be a huge run of people and companies back to America. The new Texas would NOT look at all like the current State of Texas once American Airlines, Lockheed Martin, DFW Airport, and a thousand other examples of economic withdrawal occur. Hey Central Texas, no more Fort Hood. Gotta grow an entire new economy there. Hey Houston, you know that little thing you call NASA...nope, gone. And so forth. An endless evacuation of people and jobs. The unraveling from America would be horrific in cost.

Anonymous said...

School teacher. check.
Cop. check.
Retired military. check
Medicare. check
DOD auditor. check

Yep, Big Government is pretty wired into our family.

DF Average American

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you turn your pistol sideways to shoot!

Anonymous said...

I had a guy spend 10 minutes ranting about his taxes and government spending, about how he studied hard and worked his way up and didn't need a government handout and doesn't depend on the government and how if "only the country was full of people like him" and endless such comments; for a full ten minutes; and then I asked him where he worked and he said Lockheed Martin.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the armchair doctors here who were diagnosing Clinton and saying she was close to death? What say you for wandering Trump. Syphilis that has gone to his brain? It is interesting how I haven't read from this comment crew about his health. What is the word that I'm trying to remember? Hypocrites? Misogyny?

Anonymous said...

CNN is just following the unholy left's playbook.

Anonymous said...

I would rather have Stacey's Mom.

DF Fountains of Wayne

Anonymous said...

How do 28 people get injured in a Little Rock nightclub after gunfire breaks out and no one dies?

Because 28 black lives matter. But in Chicago it's a different story.

Anonymous said...

Listened to a friend who is an airline pilot (big salary) rant about those who depended too much on the American government for their living. After his tirade, I gently reminded him that:

1. Air controllers, who made his flights possible, were government employees. His airline fees for landing didn't come close to covering the cost of the system.
2. Same thing on TSA and airport infrastructure. Wouldn't happen without government filling the funding voids.
3. He was not ex-military, so I could understand his ignorance about the Civil Reserve Air fleet that the feds have with almost all US carriers. Millions and millions of govt dollars help folks like Delta, American, etc buy/lease planes so that if an emergency (read overseas war) happens then the Dept of Defense can take those planes with just a phone call to haul troops and freight. The benefit to airlines is that they have more planes without having to use their own dollars.

Didn't change his mind, but did let the air of his tea party balloon.

DF No Man Is An Island

NoseALot said...

RTG: I would jump on her hook

Anonymous said...

Barry, read the backstory on TABC Counsel Emily Helm, who just resigned in the last few days. Not only did she get painted with the unjust Spec's prosecution, but her history of state employment indicated she got fired by the Texas Youth Commission for fibbing on official legal statements back when that agency was under the gun. How she got hired by TABC, no one seems to know. And why didn't someone file a complaint with the Texas State Bar? Can state legal eagles just lie and run wild with impunity? Just wondering.

DF Judd for the Defense

Anonymous said...

They need to Sunset the TABC.

Anonymous said...

10:49, Go get yourself an atta boy out of petty cash and then send the IRS more money to pay for the avalanche of debt they've run up.

Anonymous said...

RTG: If I saw those two in front of me, I'd open my mouth that big too!!

DF Big Mouth Bass

Anonymous said...

Skippy, Is Trump still launching nuclear bombs into Korea? I can't find anything about it. Are you part of CNN fake news?

Anonymous said...

You hate big government? Think about this: Do you have a family member or good friend that is employed by the government? I bet 100% of you will say "yes." Yep, 100%.

So! Doesn't mean Big Gov is right or good and we can't still hate them!

DF Last Man Standing

Anonymous said...


Reminds me of the time the big gov of the City of Carrollton mowed down that creek full of trees and egrets. The egrets were endangered at that time. They got fined big $$. I pretty sure the city officials R-Egret-ted that.

Anonymous said...

I never looked that good fishing. Never.

Df Jimmy Houston

Anonymous said...


Murica.....suck it up or walk north!

Anonymous said...

So brown people sitting on their porch for 50 years collecting a check is a good thing?

Triple Fake... said...

"Because you know I'm all about that bass
'Bout that bass, no treble (hook)
Yeah my mama she told me, "don't worry about your size""

Triple Fake Meghan Trainor

"Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, sir. And I NEVER SLICE!"

Triple Fake Judge Smails

"Next up, we have some old **** named Buzz Allderin...
I don't know, I just think space is (infinitely) super-gay."

Triple Fake President Jake Kemp

Harry Hamid said...

That CNN thing is crazy. It's one thing to say that the re-tweeting was unworthy of a President, but since there was nothing illegal about it, why would the creator have to apologize?

Makes me wish I could have been the one who did it.

Anonymous said...

Barry has strange lacunae in his understanding of the world.

Anonymous said...

That fake video is the same one that the democrats blamed Benghazi on.

jrd said...

There was no law governing secession prior to the Civil War. In fact, Maine was the first state to threaten to secede over slavery several years earlier. The law was passed after the Civil War.

Anonymous said...

Skippy Guy, You may be part of faux fake news. Mr. Green never said that. If he did, cough it up.

DF Judge Smails said...

The hardest working man in the business? Don't kid yourself counselor, you are a huge slouch.

Anonymous said...

If you are not smart and don't have a skill..get a government will always have a job.