Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Some kid caught a 25 pound catfish at Lake Mineral Wells. Is there a place which shows "official records" for Lake Bridgeport?
  • Dirk agreed to being paid $5 million next year. Some call it a "home town discount" but, from a basketball standpoint, I'm not sure he's worth more than that. From a Mav's PR and commercial standpoint, he's probably worth three times more than that. (And anyone think Cuban has promised him a side deal once he retires?)
  • One other Mav's point: The worst thing that could happen is to not be a lottery team again next year.
  • Heard a very disturbing story from a credible source of an attorney calling people who were arrested in Wise County and stating bold face lies in order to scare them into hiring him and paying a ridiculous fee. I'm trying to verify.
  •  Have you seen the German police use those water cannons on the G-20 protesters? "Cannons" is exactly the right word. Man, they are powerful. 
  • What a horrible wreck that killed the Paradise teenager yesterday. FM 2123 has always made me nervous.
  • I lost over half of the house's water pressure last night and fully expected to be bone dry this morning. (Fortunately, that didn't happen.) But the event did give rise to a bizarre dream of Ice-T showing up and talking to a repair guy who flipped a massive switch outside causing water to come flooding through the ceiling. Pure insanity.
  • Toyota officially opened its headquarters in Dallas and it was borderline silly. Someone thought it would be good to have rope dancers rappel off a glass covered building in this heat and do a routine.

  • This morning's handshake, and the video is grainy. What year is this?: 
  • A Denton County case where a guy got 60 years was reversed late yesterday (but the opinion wasn't up as I wrote this.)
  • The unemployment rate, it was announced this morning, is slightly up to 4.4%:
  • It's an "Ozone Action Day" today which can always be translated to: Hot and humid but, most importantly, very little, if any, wind. 
  • I didn't know this park existed. It's not far from Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth: 
  • Bridgeport History: Someone asked me if I remembered a swimming pool, once located behind where Bridgeport Automotive is now, which had island in the middle of it. I don't think I do.