The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

They may never find her. 

Impressive. Not sure how to use it in a career field,
but impressive nonetheless. 

Move over amateurs. Micheal Phelps'
dog is coming through. 

"Anyone can do the pommel horse. Just watch!"

No! No! No! Never! Never! Never!


Anonymous said...

I find this one awesome.

Anonymous said...

It is clearly going to take a tow truck to get that chick out.

Anonymous said...

Vid #1 - Why extra cushions are a good thing.
Vid #2 - Five more candy bars and then I'm taking the kid to my Mother-In-Law's house. Payback, baby!
Vid #3 - I won't say who, but somebody had the new double espresso dog food.
Vid #4 - Why Bart left the gymnastics squad and joined the AV Club.
Vid #5 - And that's how I became know as Stumpy.

DF Strange But True

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Barry is a body shamer.