Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm almost through with The Keepers from Netflix. It's really, really good. I'm just skeptical of any "witness" who recalls events from almost 50 years ago. If you don't know someone's background, it's hard to take anything they say at face value. 
  • I'm apparently a very restless sleeper, and it drives Mrs. LL crazy. I've given her permission to hit me and wake me up if I'm bothering her. She has readily accepted that permission. 
  • The NRA has ramped up its game. It is now running an ad on The Ticket referencing the Dallas police shootings from one year ago and is using the phrase that people "were marching against police."
  • What a weird storm last night. A home on Timarron golf course in Southlake suffered a tremendous lightning strike. #WarnUsPeteDelkus!:
  • Remember Representative Steve Scalise, the Republican from Louisiana who was shot at the baseball practice last month? He is back in ICU.
  • There's a moron anonymous commentor on here who keeps asking me if Trump is launching nukes on North Korea as "you said he would." I never said he would. I said that I fear he is thinking about it. 
  • If you see a press release which has "For Immediate Release" at the top, you know you have a very old school PR guy behind it. Was there a time when something wasn't for immediate release?
  • "Does" or "Do"?
  • I didn't see this from last March in the New York Times (and it references Fort Worth). It's about the militarization of police: 
  • Great point by a couple of you yesterday after I asked if a family member or close friend is employed by government -- you brought up Lockheed Martin. Those folks aren't technically government employees but are 100% practically government employees. Throw in Bell Helicopter as well. 
  • Trump is on an overseas trip. Get ready.: 
  • And in the same speech he reminded Poland that they were invaded by the Soviet Union and Germany. "That's trouble. That's tough," he said. Like they didn't remember. Or maybe he just learned that from the teleprompter.
  • Random opinion: "Best BBQ" talk whips me to no end. 
  • Within the year, Texas will have closed eight prisons. One of them is Bridgeport's Pre-Parole Transfer Facility.
  • Is it just me, or has it be smoldering hot over the last few days? I mean even more than your average Texas summer.