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My Only Lacrosse Post Ever

Great shot. Better goalie reaction.


Anonymous said...

That is one fruity sport.

Anonymous said...

Black people will discover this sport eventually and then all the white kids that couldn't play football, baseball, basketball or run track will have to find a new gig to get an athletic scholarship!

Anonymous said...


Jim Brown, the NFL great, was an all-American lacrosse player when he was at Syracuse in the 50's.

Try to keep up with the rest of the class.

Anonymous said...


Anecdotes are not facts. But that's one of the better subterranean race card moves I've seen in a while.

Tommy Boy said...

The University of Maryland (at College Park) men's lacrosse team is NCAA champion for, like, the 7th or 8th time. The women's team is similarly situated. Men's/Women's Basketball: check. Men's/Women's Lacrosse: check. Many other sports (swimming etc.): check. Football: oh well, maybe next year. Where's Randy White when you need him?