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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • On Sunday, Mark Cuban called Trump a "Zoolander President" and that he hadn't read a book in 30 years. 
  • I wouldn't mind being in the blizzard in the Northeast right now. 
  • When they show shots of airport flight boards at airports, you'll see both "canceled" and "cancelled."
  • NBC's Al Roker has already been a beating to me. 
  • The Eighth Grader in the House is having foot surgery today, and I may be the only one in te house who is nervous. 
  • And the Best Sign goes to . . . (and it was at a high school game):

  • Zeke Elliott pulled down a girl's top at the St. Patrick Day's parade on Saturday. There are reports that she really wasn't mad and might have even exposed herself earlier. Still, you can't be that stupid. But he is that stupid. 
  • I can't get over the Decatur Hospital (I'll always call it that) sponsoring the NASCAR race. How much does that system make? Our healthcare system is a disaster.
  • I watched the documentary Weiner on Anthony Weiner. If you like politics, you will be glued to the TV. The behind the scenes looks (which is basically 99% of the film) are incredible. 
  • Thanks to Kellyanne Conway, I'm scared to microwave anything. 
  • The AG Paxton prosecution in Collin County is weird because the county commissioners are basically trying to kill it by not paying the special prosecutors their (excessive) fee demands. That being said, Paxton's lawyers are getting cocky: 
  • Baylor has fired a new assistant football coach for "inappropriate" texts with a teen. Yes, I just slapped myself in the forehead. 
  • Don't forget to sign up for the Liberally Lean 2017 Pick 'Em Tourney.


Anonymous said...

whatever the cost is to sponsor the race,it will most assuredly be passed along to the consumer in additional charges and fees. it is already just about the most expensive place around to get an MRI

Anonymous said...

The "Decatur Hospital"?? I thought you said it was "My Bariatric Solutions". They are not the same thing.

NoseALot said...

To RTG photographer: Get her out of that shadow!

Anonymous said...

Can't be that stupid

You know he's a 22 year old kid right. Have you seen your average college aged male in action?

Our healthcare system became a disaster when government involved itself in it. And it will only get worse as govt tries to "fix it"

And every story is harping on the teenager thing, while barely mentioning that the "teen" is also an adult. Methinks someone is just shy enough of their twentieth to make the story extra click bait worthy

Zoolander is a great movie

DF Billy Zane

Anonymous said...

"Excessive fee demands"

When you are talking about there any other kind?

Anonymous said...

Decatur Hospital is raking in the dough. Why do you think they fought so hard to kill the Bridgeport hospital?

DF Only Game in Town

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Obammy and the NSA, I unplug my TV.

Harry Hamid said...

Afraid to microwave popcorn?

What a wimp! That's why people like you live in the middle of nowhere.

(How was that? Am I doing the insult thing right?)

Sucker Punched Patient said...

I thought the so called "Wise" Health System was a non-profit organization? Want to talk about legalized robbery? Kid gets bad cut on knee on a Saturday afternoon. After Urgent Care turns us away because they don't take our insurance (state employees group plan), ER is the only option. After a $150 co-pay, it only cost us a little over $650 for a tetanus shot and 6 stitches. And the ER and Dr. (two different bills) double charge us for the same thing with no recourse. Next time I will go in the ER as a cash paying "indigent" w/ no insurance. And 9:40 is EXACTLY right.

Anonymous said...

God made that RTG and she is legit. Yum yum in my tum tum.

Anonymous said...

This proves it! I told the spouse that the refrigerator was watching me. I knew it because it always turned on the light inside when I opened the door for the milk.

DF Tinfoil Hat Guy

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the Eighth Grader in the House on the surgery today. We know all will be good.

DF Loyal Liberally Lean Readers

Anonymous said...

I came to this blog a couple of years ago as a young liberal. And every day, I grow further and further from my youthful idealism. Mostly because of reading this blog. You are so dishonest and slanted in all your views. I'm moving more to the conservative side of my political views. I guess I should thank you. I just can't be that dishonest.

Anonymous said...

Just don't buy a microwave whatever you do.

Triple Fake... said...

RTG: Bronze takes the Gold!

"'ll see both "canceled" and "cancelled.""
What the L?

"I wouldn't mind being in the blizzard in the Northeast right now."
Are you insane???

The microwave I use at home is twenty years old. Happy Birfday, Mikey! Your hottie (the oven) and I will bake you a cake later today.
Unless the feds are using twenty-year-old technology...I got that going for me.

Anonymous said...

11:38 Couldn't have said it better!

Triple Fake... said...

Here's a note that accompanied an article in today's paper about the new track surface at TMS:
"New Sponsor
TMS announced a new sponsor for the Xfinity Series race April 8, reaching a five-year agreement with Wise Health System. The race will be called "My Bariatric Solutions 300." Financial terms were not released."
Just take a look at their website and see how many entities it covers in Decatur alone. Then add in facilities in Bridgeport, Denton, Boyd, Argyle, Fort Worth, Mansfield, Burleson, Arlington, Waco.
It's yuuge! They got plenty o' cash to spend on that sponsorship.
And they're affiliated with BAYLOR Scott&White. (Could your weak attempt at a complaint actually be an imbedded ad placement for your alma mater?)
And I wonder if the bariatric surgery has the largest profit margin, or maybe is their best seller?

So the score is now:
Barry "Barron BuBear" Green - 1
anon @ 8:53 - 0
DF Only Game in Town - 1/2 a point. They're the only game in several towns, and one of several games in other towns

Anonymous said...

I don't care how anyone spins it. Wise Health System (or any other Health System) should be sponsoring something like this. With the cost of healthcare and the turmoil in healthcare, profit or nonprofit, has no business spending like that. The board is out of control and off their rocker for letting this get by. They all need to be replaced and their non-profit status revoked. I'd like to hear how they plan on spinning this.

Anonymous said...


2 words....

Voluntary procedures.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean "shouldn't"?

Anonymous said...

Hospital...our tax dollars at work!!!
Don't take Blue Cross Blue Shield though. But take those Medicaid dollars.

Anonymous said...

Okay, we need to see some legal ID on the RTG today. We think she should be relocated to the Kiddie Pool area possibly.

DF Green Mile Officer Doug Hutchison
df I think she's even too young for me

Anonymous said...



jon spencer said...

Did Kellyanne say "microwave ovens" or "microwaves", big difference in what is said and what is being reported to have been said.