Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • On Sunday, Mark Cuban called Trump a "Zoolander President" and that he hadn't read a book in 30 years. 
  • I wouldn't mind being in the blizzard in the Northeast right now. 
  • When they show shots of airport flight boards at airports, you'll see both "canceled" and "cancelled."
  • NBC's Al Roker has already been a beating to me. 
  • The Eighth Grader in the House is having foot surgery today, and I may be the only one in te house who is nervous. 
  • And the Best Sign goes to . . . (and it was at a high school game):

  • Zeke Elliott pulled down a girl's top at the St. Patrick Day's parade on Saturday. There are reports that she really wasn't mad and might have even exposed herself earlier. Still, you can't be that stupid. But he is that stupid. 
  • I can't get over the Decatur Hospital (I'll always call it that) sponsoring the NASCAR race. How much does that system make? Our healthcare system is a disaster.
  • I watched the documentary Weiner on Anthony Weiner. If you like politics, you will be glued to the TV. The behind the scenes looks (which is basically 99% of the film) are incredible. 
  • Thanks to Kellyanne Conway, I'm scared to microwave anything. 
  • The AG Paxton prosecution in Collin County is weird because the county commissioners are basically trying to kill it by not paying the special prosecutors their (excessive) fee demands. That being said, Paxton's lawyers are getting cocky: 
  • Baylor has fired a new assistant football coach for "inappropriate" texts with a teen. Yes, I just slapped myself in the forehead. 
  • Don't forget to sign up for the Liberally Lean 2017 Pick 'Em Tourney.