Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Is there something going on with one of the Decatur High athletic squads? I heard something but I'm not even close to confirming it.
  • Kind of funny: The Decatur HS Golf Booster Club will have a fundraiser at the Bridgeport Country Club.
  • RG3 got cut while Vince Young attempts to make a comeback in the Canadian Football League. Both started off with a bang and then withered quickly. 
  • Friday breaking news: Trump demanding resignations of all US attorneys appointed by Obama. That's not news. That happens every time there is a change in administrations. I think the bigger news is that it took Trump's group this long to figure it out.
  • Some say Jerry Jones wouldn't trade Romo to Washington because of playing Redskins twice a year. You kidding me? That league is about making money and that would be money.
  • OU quarterback Baker Mayfield was arrested after being told to stay because he was a witness. He attempted to flee. That was one violent tackle by the cops. Side note: I've been doing criminal law a long time and off the top of my head I have no idea if that is a crime if that were to occur in Texas. (And before some goofball says, "Obstruction of Justice!", there is no such crime in Texas.)
  • This "jumping forward and hour" is a beating but having it happen during Spring Break is a genius idea 
  • Let's check in on Trump this morning and his understanding of a Free Press:
  • What's the name of the tree that has those vivid purple leaves? 
  • One Texas legislator is doing a bit in order to retaliate against a male dominated legislature constantly trying to impose abortion restrictions: 
  • They found the body of the guy who went missing in the creek near Grapevine lake. (His two year old was found on land.) They say he was hit by the propeller. Best guess. He fell out. Boat started going in a circle, and he tried to get back in. 
  • A couple of weeks ago, Henryetta, OK repealed its "no dancing" ordinance. After everyone gets past the Footloose references, you should realize there is no way a government ban on dancing is constitutional. It's free speech.