I'm Running For President --- Tell Me Why My Healthcare Plan Would Not Work

Oh, come on. Give me a chance. 
How about this for a Healthcare Plan: Scrap everything you know.

Have the government take $300 to $600 (this cost will vary based upon income) every month out of your paycheck -- just like social security. That money is yours.  That is already happening but the money under the LiberallyLeanCare™ does not go to an insurance company.  It goes into an account which belongs to you, and you can even have investment options like an HSA. However, the money can only be used for healthcare expenses. If you get sick, you get to tap into it. If you don't, you can't touch it.  If you have routine expenses that exceed the balance of the account, you pay it. Just like if your refrigerator goes out -- you suck it up an pay for it. What about a catastrophic illness or injury? The government steps in to pay the cost with the taxes we are already paying. (And which is routinely happening these days. See Parkland Hospital.)

Here's the key: With insurance companies out the picture, hospitals and doctors have to compete in the open market because you have no limit on who or where you can go for treatment.  They would have to give you the best yet most affordable treatment to survive.  There would be no gouging. That's the problem with healthcare (i.e. charging $5 for an aspirin.)

You hang on to your money and healthcare costs go down. Genius. 

And if you get lucky enough never to have a catastrophic illness or injury, you will be sitting on a fortune. Just like Social Security, you get to use your fund for any reason once you reach, say, 65.

Medicaid and Medicare stay the same.

Green 2020.