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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Former UT quarterback David Ash, who quit the game in 2014 due to concussions, has been cleared to try out for the NFL. I think someone needs to send him through the concussion protocol right now.
  • For some reason I looked up and saw Days of Our Lives on TV. There are characters on there who were on the show when I was in high school. 
  • The legislature is close to outlawing texting while driving. It's stupid to text and drive but I don't know how you enforce it. What if you were just looking at GPS?  But look at this unintended consequence: The police, if they had probable cause to believe you were texting and driving, could seize your phone for a search of it. 
  • Trump!
  • Trump seconds ago. (We are all going to die.): 
  • The Eighth Grader in the House has discovered that surgery causes pain. 
  • I've never explored the LBJ Grasslands, and I'm ashamed to admit it. 
  • I watched the early Channel 8 morning news show. The forced happiness makes it unbearable.
  • I've bought so much Advil Cold & Sinus this Spring (over the counter but you have to go through the pharmacist to get to it and show your driver's license) that I think DPS probably has me registered as a meth dealer. 
  • An apartment complex under construction in downtown Raleigh, NC is gone due to a massive fire last night:
  • Odd Star-Telegram headline: 
  • The leaderboard in the Pick 'Em Tourney:
  • BagOfNothing wrote something yesterday that I 100% agree with. I'm at a point in my life where I don't want to watch emotional shows like This Is Us. I've lived through that crap. I don't want to re-live it. 


Anonymous said...

I am fixated on the president as well, Barry. We are not used to having a president, particularly one who is honest and transparent. Obama could always read while golfing, at Martha's Vineyard, or even Hawaii. It is nice to have someone who is actually working. He nailed it on N. Korea and China. It is time we woke up.

Anonymous said...

Like sands through an hourglass, these are the days of our lives.

DF MacDonald Carey

bencat said...

Those three RTG's put the skank back in skank.

Anonymous said...

Barry, don't worry about too much Advil Cold & Sinus. But be very concerned if Mrs. LL tries to inject you with 750mg of morphine and a gram of cocaine to just "ease your suffering, honey".

DF King George V
df I only had a cold, really.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Texas is spearheading the "freedom" ideaology we all grew up with and are used to.

Not Sam

Anonymous said...

Skippy, If you don't want to watch emotional shows and relive them, why do you watch Modern Family?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to wrestle with the midgets that are hiding in Karen Borta's sweater.

TF Tracy Rowlett

Marissa said...

DPS IS watching you.