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And They Say We Can't Drive In Winter Weather

This is actually from last year, and I may have posted it before. But, still. Oh, my.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the vehicles were traveling up a blind hill in snow fog. I called it driving through the obiss when I used to drive to work on 287 heading south in the blinding fog at 60 miles per hour...same conditions if there at been a vehicle stopped in front of me...scared the crap out of me many times...but I was never late for work rain, shine, snow, ice or fog.

MDB said...

abyss...although usually meant as something you could fall "into", as opposed to something you could drive "through"

a deep or seemingly bottomless chasm.
"a rope led down into the dark abyss"
synonyms: chasm, gorge, ravine, canyon, fissure, rift, crevasse, hole, gulf, pit, cavity, void, bottomless pit
"a recurring nightmare in which he falls into an abyss"

Anonymous said...

So awful. Incredible pain and suffering with each sound of a crash. Moms, kids, babies, truck drivers; mangled and horribly or mortally tortured. If someone would have just prayed instead of taking videos, it would have been all better, of course.