Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • It's October 2016 and we still haven't seen a single resolution in any of the Waco Biker Twin Peaks cases. But there is one less defendant: One of them was killed while allegedly running from police on a stolen Harley in Gatesville.
  • Gatesville trivia: It has four prison facilities and one state jail facility -- all of them house women only.
  • Anyone watched the new Vice nightly news show? I forgot that it debuted this week. 
  • College Sports: (1) Aggie tried to choke that game away against Tennessee but it was fantastic to watch. (2) No one saw Tech almost have an insane last second comeback if their QB could have got that last throw off. (3) TCU better wake up. That was Kansas. A Kansas team that turned the ball over four times.  (4) That will go down as one of the least remembered OU/Texas games ever, and I hate that being the case. (5) Charlie Strong managed to accidentally get under the skin of two upcoming opponents when he said yesterday regarding the hurry up offense/spread: "When people saw what Baylor and TCU was doing with lesser athletes, everybody jumped on board." (6) I missed Kirk Herbstreit going off on UT ("who would want that job?" and it is a "cesspool") on ESPN's College Game Day. That's weird coming from ESPN. 
  • I get depressed when I think about how ALL CAPS guy's vote in the upcoming election counts the same as mine. Then I cheer up when I realize I can at least do my part to cancel out his attempt to participate.
  • I'm on record saying that virtual reality technology will change our lives in dramatic ways and it is coming soon. They talked about it on The Ticket this morning and brought up health consequences: Can you imagine kids coming home from school and putting on a headset with a visor and sitting there for three hours as they travel the globe and  time?
  • Blue Bell announced more recalls this morning. You know, I think they'll bounce back from this again. We've now reached the point that we believe anything on the grocery store shelf won't kill us from a contaminant. And who doesn't believe that?
  • Radio talk show host Mark Davis, who apparently would support Jame Gume so long as Hillary was on the other side, has for months been yelling at Republicans: "All hands on deck!" to support Trump. He now has changed it to, "If you aren't on board, get out so we can know who you are."  (This Republican stuff is like a kid seeing mommy and daddy fighting.)
    Jame Gume
  • Speaking of, he's at it again this morning: 
  • Paula Jones' incredibly odd appearance with Trump before the debate on Sunday made me recall James Carville's statement about her from a few years back: "Drag a hundred dollars through a trailer park and there's no telling what you'll find."  I don't know about that, but her voice could destroy a trailer park. 
    Not Jame Gume
  • And you guys yell at me for typos: 
  • A guy yelled bad words during Pete Delkus' forecast and that made Pete angry. They said it was just some drunk guy outside but Delkus' years of bad forecasting might have created the seed of what will soon be an angry mob outside the wall of windows of WFAA.