Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • We have a home invasion by clowns story coming out of Gainesville where the victim was reportedly shot in the face with a BB gun. I cannot begin to tell you how many red flags are in this story. Something doesn't add up. 
  • Trump has women coming out of the woodwork making accusations. That oddly doesn't seem like it should be news. I just kind of assumed they existed. 
  • The Johnson County Sheriff's Office lost a bunch of guns and ended up paying "a deputy killer's wife" $20,000. I bet the police evidence room in general is a lot more of a wheels off place than we realize.
  • "The former Texas DPS trooper who arrested Sandra Bland wants a second grand jury to reconsider his indictment." Uh, it doesn't work that way. 
  • Trump is the Republican nominee and Bob Dylan an hour or so ago won the Nobel Prize in Literature. These times they are a changin'. 
  • "I've done an informal poll of most of most of the offices in the courthouse and almost every woman is still going to vote for Trump" - A buddy of mine yesterday.
  • Strangest metaphor I heard on the radio from a caller regarding this election: "If my daughter is at the prom and she needs a ride home and there are two choices, one a guy who is known to be a speeding and reckless driver and had a car that's beaten up or, two, a guy who is known to be sexually aggressive and has alcohol on his breath, I know which one I want her to choose." I've never been more confused in my life and the talk show host, Mark Davis, was equally confused. I still don't know which one he would have chosen. 
  • Stolen from Junior Miller of The Ticket - the top five theme songs from TV: (5) MASH, (4) Magnum P.I., (3) The Rockford Files - which does sound like Styx plays it, (2) The Sopranos, (1) Sanford and Son.  That list is a total disaster. I'd start by putting the theme from Law and Order in there. 
  • We've got another missing woman story in the metroplex where some man she knew is a suspect.  
  • I wonder how we've never heard of any of the the hundreds of kids whose faces are on the posters in the front of Walmart. 
  • I hate hockey. I don't watch hockey. I'm a hockey idiot. But even I understand the crazy news from last night that Auston Matthews, the nineteen year old #1 pick for the Toronto Maple Leafs, scored four goals in his first game.
  • Speaking of magazine covers: 
  • You don't see this very often: A Dallas judge resigned "after other justices said his work had suffered and he had anger issues while battling alcoholism and depression." (He was on the verge of being removed.) It's even odder when you learn he was an appellate judge and not a trial judge.