Random Monday Morning Thoughts

"You buy me zee furniture?"

  • I have seen two things in presidential politics I never dreamed I'd see: (1) The Supreme Court decided, on a 5-4 vote no less, who would win, and (2) a political campaign explode in one single hour of one single day. And make no mistake about it, it's over. 
  • I said over one year ago, time and time again, that we were watching the implosion of the Republican Party on the national level because of Trump. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. "Implosion" no longer accurately describes it. 
  • It was amazing to see Republicans distance from Trump over the weekend including Wise County's own house rep Kay Granger who says Trump should quit
  • As for the tape, I didn't know a playa's "go to" move was to take a gal furniture shopping. (The most overlooked comedic aspect of his remarks.) 
  • Billy Bush's little "How about a little hug for the Donald" after he had just heard what Trump said makes him worse than Trump. NBC has suspended him from the Today Show, and he may never work on that network again. 
  • That belated and begrudging endorsement by Ted Cruz could not have come at a more inopportune time.  And, lord, doesn't he want this photo op back:
  • Down ticket elections will be interesting. For some reason I'm interested in a Houston district court judgeship held by Ryan Patrick who is the son of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.   It's basically a Democratic county to start with and now he has to deal with his dad, who can act crazy any way, being Trump's campaign chair in Texas.
  • And I wonder if the "aww shucks", Twitter loving Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett will someday have an opponent say, "And even Donald Trump had this man on his short list for the U.S. Supreme Court! Donald Trump!"
  • Defenses that don't work: (1) It's "locker room talk". It's not.  At least I haven't heard guys bragging about sexual assault.  And that's what kills him. He was referring to past acts. (2) "But what about Bill???!!!" (3) He was just a young man of 59.
  • Trump has now offended every single demographic of our great country with the exception of the older, uneducated white man.
  • This guy became an Internet celebrity after the debate last night: 
  • As did this combo:
  • I wonder if Trump's fundraising stop for tomorrow in Dallas is still on? And how comfortable do those attendees feel writing out that check now. 
  • Changing gears now.
  • The Tarrant County DA's office lost what had been at one time its DWI guru when prosecutor Richard Alpert announced he was resigning. He had been with the office for around 25 years and was making $178,458
  • The bang-to-hype ratio of Hurricane Matthew was way out of whack.
  • If you want to see a crazy millionaire, watch Showtime's documentary Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee. 
  • I predicted the Rangers wouldn't make the playoffs. I was three games off. Not bad once you put pen to paper. 
  • The Voice of The Longhorns, Craig Way, missed Saturday's game against OU because he spent it with his wife who died of cancer that evening.  I remember way back when he was on local DFW radio but I can't remember what station. KRLD?