Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • One day there won't be magazine covers:
  • Trump said yesterday  at the fundraiser in Dallas (per this radio gal) that our state congressperson Kay Granger sent her regrets for being unable to attend. I don't know what's going on. The Texas Tribune says her call for Trump to quit was unequivocal.: 
  • To the Trump supporters who keep referring to his comments as "private", give me a break. He was mic'd up, on a TV show's bus, and in front of strangers and Billy Bush.
  • I keep seeing the Parker County district attorney’s office expressing outrage at the Board of Pardon and Paroles for paroling a man "who served six of the 20 years he accepted for causing the death of his infant son." Hey, the DA's office knew exactly that he would have been eligible for parole by now. In fact, before now.
  • Once many years ago the Messenger and I got on the same page for me to write a blog for them. They even went so far as to create and run this ad to mimic the cover of a novel. 
  • The arrest of the former chief of police of Rhome was off of a "sealed indictment".  That is, instead of a warrant being issued, an arrest made, the case reviewed by the DA, and then presented to a grand jury, the case was simply presented to the grand jury and, once indicted, a warrant was then issued. It's "sealed" to prevent the warrant from being known by the person to be arrested. Once the arrest is made, it becomes "unsealed."  
  • How is Robert Jeffress still the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas?
  • How can this be possible?:
  • These are showing up on top of utility polls in Houston. What are they?:
  • That's three questions in a row. I need answers. 
  • The White House just released a report named "Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence" which means I won't read it yet am now reminded of how bad the Spielberg movie A.I. was.
  • It might be in the Republican's Party long term interest for Trump to get crushed. If he wins (not gonna happen), can you imagine future elections when others try to duplicate his style because it worked? 

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/weatherford-star-telegram/wt-news/article106367602.html#storylink=cpy