Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Random question: The dress that Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang Happy Birthday to JFK is up for auction. Guess the expected price it will bring. (Answer at end.)
  • I forgot to mention that our governor doesn't know the meaning of Labor Day:
  • The Star-Telegram has an odd story of a homeless ex-NFL player (probably behind a paywall here). I thought it would have to do with concussion or other hazards of the job. Nope. The one year NFL player for the Oilers had a great business but which, much to his surprise, ended up in bankruptcy. And I really can't find a cause of his struggles other than "it's hard out there."
  • There's a Pinterest convention in Arlington. That may be the greatest place on Earth to pick up women who you wouldn't want to pick up.
  • Chipotle caught a little heat for trying to be a little hip:
  • I had one guy, a Texas fan, contact me to disagree with me about whether Swoopes was booed on Saturday. Obviously, he said it was not boos. However, he says he was booing because he's a smart fan and understands that it is Buechele or bust. But he disagreed with me because he didn't think the rank and file at the stadium were that smart -- like people who do the wave. 
  • The U.S. health-uninsured rate has fallen to an all time low based upon news reports this morning.
  • Trump, like Hillary in other deaths, must immediately be considered a suspect:
  • UNT issued a crime alert this morning after a robbery and brief abduction last night. (I do not believe Trump is a suspect in this instance.)
  • I mentioned Burning Man and yesterday people trying to leave the Black Rock Desert in Nevada were delayed for over 24 hours after a  17-year-old girl went missing. It looked like a mess.
  • The Dallas Morning News endorses Hillary saying that "There is only one serious candidate on the presidential ballot in November."
  • The auctioneers believe Marilyn Monroe's dress will bring between $2 and $3 million. It was last sold in 1999 for $1.26 million.  (For you math whizzes out there, what's the average yearly return if you bought it in 1999 and it goes for $2 million.) 
  • That lady behind Hawk (to the right) looks familiar . . .