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Tech Loves Bits

"The team gathered around a makeshift ring at the conclusion of drills and watched two assistant coaches, Scott Salwasswer and Adam Hymel, go head-to-head in faux-WWE match."


Anonymous said...

Fun coach, fun for the players, I don't like wrestling but if they like it, so be it

Better than letting your players rape like Baylor

Anonymous said...

There has to be an equipment closet around there somewhere to lock these coaches in.

Anonymous said...

I thought wrestlers wore singlets, not Speedos.

Anonymous said...

9:24 Don't forget Baylor coaches letting their players murder too.

Yeah.....yeah.... yeah.... they teach those things at Baylor. But at Texas they cover them up.

Anonymous said...

Former Baylor coach Grant Teaff pulled a worm out of his mouth to fire up his team one time. Maybe more than once.

Barry's alma mater UNT lost to lowly SMU. Poor lowly Grubes attended both UNT & SMU. Weird non sequitur I suppose.