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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • That kidnapping trial of Enrique Arochi for the alleged kidnapping of Christina Morris is going to be very interesting. At this point, the prosecution may be in over their heads. (How that occurs is beyond me. If you can't spot a bad case, you don't need to be a prosecutor. And many times a "bad case" actually means you might have the wrong guy.) Buy we'll see what they've got. 
  • The parents of Morris stormed out of the courtroom yesterday when the judge correctly told them that they could not be allowed to watch the trial because the prosecutors had designated them as witnesses.  The parents didn't know this was coming? How did that question not come up between prosecutors and victims?)
  • Decatur will play at The Star this weekend but you apparently must buy tickets from Ticketmaster? What's the cost and service charge on that baby?
  • BagOfNothing fact of the day: All MLB stadiums do not have the home team on the first baseline and visitors on third baseline. I had no idea. And I'm a certified stadium connoisseur.
  • Is this really a good tip -- you want to keep your most important numbers within the one item which is, at some point, likely to be lost?
  • Draft Kings is now advertising on The Ticket again. I thought our esteemed AG ran them out of Texas?
  • Ryan Lotche was suspended for 10 months. I was didn't care enough to find the answer to my question of "Suspended from what?" 
  • Wise County's CenturyLink internet service is oft criticized but what are the alternatives?  I've heard of Vyve and believe DirectTV can provide internet. What do the masses out there know/think?
  • Every time I see any quote from any historical figure on the Internet I instantly think, "Did he really say that?"
  • I think things like this are paid ads -- Toys 'R Us in this context of what should be the WFAA news feed:
  • Sully is coming out.  The moment the plane went into the Hudson, I -- being the hardest working man in show business --posted this about how a pic from Twitter of some plane in the water was circulating at warp speed.
  • There was a head-on wreck around Aurora this morning. In this day and time, you know someone took a picture of it an uploaded it immediately. But I don't know how to find it other than a Twitter (not there), and Facebook's search function is useless.
  • The New York Mets just signed Tim Tebow.  ESPN must be in a mad scramble in the production room for the coverage for which we are about to be subjected to.
  • The death penalty may go away without a single law having to be passed:
  • Odd story out of the Olney newspaper business . . .