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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • *cough* *cough*
  • Fox 4's Saul Garza posted a scenic shot yesterday morning at Joe Pool Lake . . . right before they resumed searching for a body
  • Isn't this a crazy crime in Wichita Falls sort of hovering off the radar?: On Friday afternoon, two 13-year-old girls were shot as they walked home from school, killing one and wounding the other. I say "off the radar" yet I saw it from People magazine. 
  • Rural prosecutors are now causing rising prison incarceration rates?  Here's a New York Time's story which suggests the answer is yes (and even includes a interactive graphic for every Texas county.)
  • The Catholics kind of fudge it on this "two miracle" thing when it comes to sainthood, right? 
  • Regarding whether the UT quarterback heard negative "Boooooos" or positive "Swooopes", I'm strongly sticking with my contention they were "boos" with one slight change. There might have been many, many "Oh, nooo, Swoooopes" or "Sheesh, it's Swoooopees" or flat out "Noooooooo!"  Texas has been seeking a QB since McCoy. Charlie Strong hadn't committed to one publically.  Shane Buechele came out and gave the masses hope. Not one of them wanted to see Swoopes. I know how the Empire thinks.
  • Ennis police killed someone last night. This one involves an allegation of driving a vehicle in the direction on an officer. 
  • A new dishwasher it is. I engaged in some quantum-physics-benefit-cost-unhappy-spouse analysis regarding the one which has broken down and came to the conclusion of, "Oh, screw it. Let's get a new one."
  • For the first time I can remember, the Dallas Morning News will not endorse the Republican nominee for president saying that Trump "is not qualified to serve as president and does not deserve your vote."
  • It may not mean anything, but the Washington Post said this morning that Hillary leads Trump by 1 in Texas.
  • Saw the obituary of my assistant Pee Wee football coach.  It made me realize how kids of all ages never forget their coaches.
  • I think this is weird: A group photo posted by a Dallas judge after a $36 million judgment in her court (Side notes: (1) There was a $36 million judgment? For what? (2) Tell me the defense lawyer isn't in the photo. That's not where I would want to be. (3) Trials aren't parties.)

  • A Houston area DPS trooper is in serious condition after his parked car was hit. 
  • Breaking: CBS 11 is reporting that "sources" say Dallas DA Susan Hawk will resign today.