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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That Arochi trial is a must follow. (DMN reporter does it here). And I'm beginning to think the prosecution doesn't know what they are doing. After not prepping the missing girl's parents the day before, they tried to start the trial out by calling the missing girl's boyfriend as a witness to prove he didn't do it. You kidding me!? The boyfriend -- who is in federal prison for drug dealing -- pleaded the Fifth. What a cluster.
  • That boyfriend is doing time after an undercover investigation revealed he was connected to drug deals and a club in north Dallas which had all night dance parties and where one young lady overdosed one night. (Fox 4 staked out the club to catch the partygoers leaving after dawn.) But get this: It was revealed yesterday that during the undercover investigation the boyfriend had sold dope to an officer eight times. 
  • There is a Samsung virtual reality commercial showing people's reaction to watching whatever it is that can be broadcast in those headsets. Once that technology explodes, we are going to live in one very, very weird world. 
  • "Virtual reality" is perfectly named. It's fake real. Literally.  
  • It seems only yesterday there was the first flat panel TV commercial which for some reason demo'd a TV mounted on the ceiling above a bed. Right? But I remember thinking then that flat panels would never take off -- too expensive.  
  • So much going on here . . . 
  • A Baylor University football fan and an administrative assistant at First Baptist Church of Nacogdoches is suing Baylor for over $1 million because she fell into the Brazos River outside of  the school's McLane Stadium last year.
  • Very random yet great article I read about an NFL player who has seemingly and quickly dropped out of sight: Former Oklahoma State great Justin Blackmon.
  • Billboards in Waco have some people worked up . . . 
  • A "Tammy from Paradise" called The Ticket this morning to be a "guest picker" for football games. I'm certain she's called in before. (She said she was on her way to work in Irving which has to be the biggest beating of a commute.)