Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Yep, hardest working man in show business.
  • The Austin-American Statesman points out that some big city DA offices are going soft on the prosecution of marijuana because it is not a priority.  There is no public backlash. Who would have known that former Wise County Attorney Stephen Hale was ahead of his time in the mid 1990s when he refused to prosecute tiny amount of marijuana possession.
  • Lost of great college football this weekend but nothing was quite as moving as Nebraska going out into a "missing man" formation and intentionally getting a delay of game penalty in honor of its former punter who was recently killed in a car accident.
  • From a story of a former meth dealing cheerleaders from The Colony:  "Frisco soccer moms, as sad as that is, were my best customers because they were too scared to get out and get it themselves. But they wanted to clean the house all day and be productive and be wired," she says.
  • The Trump kids put out a print ad this weekend but the photo has been the love of the Internet. They do look like they are about to murder you.
  • I mention that I wanted to go to Burning Man some day, and this morning Drudge has a headline of  "Revolution against 'rich parasites' at utopian Burning Man."
  • It's a Fox News poll so, in this context, it is correct. And it's amazing:
  • Are we ever going to get the cause of death of ESPN's John Saunders? ESPN honored him over the weekend but no one addresses the elephant in the room. 
  • I like Fox 4's Jenny Anchondo but found it interesting that she used the word "philanthropist" on her blog page. (Technically, you don't have to one of the super wealthy to be one.)
  • Texas and Notre Dame was incredibly entertaining last night. But it was so disturbing of seeing the The Evil Empire running the Baylor offense. What took them so long? What has taken everyone so long? 
  • BagOfNothing reports this morning that the "boos" you heard when Swoopes first went in as quarterback were actually yells of "Swooooooopes".  Got to disagree with you there, buddy. Them were boos. 
  • This is actually a cool picture. You can see the coin up at the top while two of the players glare each other down. 
  • The Aggies had a crowd for the UCLA game was 100,433. An all time Texas high? Nope. And not even the biggest crowd of the weekend. 
  • I completely missed that DPS, which had a massive budget increase last year, now wants $1 billion just for border security.  
  • The police union in Santa Clara is threatening a boycott of the Kaepernick no-stand-at-anthem policy inadvertently strengthens his position. 
  • The Denton Police are not happy about this from over the weekend. According to Facebook comments (which are highly entertaining), it had been sitting unattended "for weeks":
  • I've always questioned elected officials on Twitter. Is their account informative or are they just campaigning during work hours? That Texas supreme court judge that loves Twitter as much as life itself must be feeling uneasy since he just unveiled an official campaign Twitter account. Not a bad strategy. He can always say, "No, that's my official account" yet can continue using his regular one for de facto campaigning.
  • Labor day reading: PTA mom was almost framed by a wicked lawyer couple. It's broken down into "six parts" but it is a really short read. The "parts" are the equivalent of very short chapters. Good stuff. (The final part was released last night).