The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • A Tennessee guy is running for Congress under the campaign slogan, "Make America White Again".
  • The Chewbacca lady will throw out the first pitch at a Grand Prairie Airhogs game this weekend. At least she's down to a spare minor league baseball game. Her time in the spotlight is finally on its last legs.
  • The dad in Melissa who has been arrested in the death of his baby who was left in the hot car tried to save it by putting the child in the refrigerator. What a horrific experience. (The police charged him with Manslaughter which proves they have never even remotely looked up or understand the definition of "reckless" in the the Texas Penal Code.)
  • There was another child left in a car yesterday in the metroplex but the child survived. Cops called that just an "accident". 
  • The Grapevine Mills Mall will get a new anchor, Fieldhouse USA, which is a "106,000-square-foot facility [which includes] nine basketball and nine volleyball courts, offering year-round league play in team sports such as basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer. The company said the venue will also host performance training, all-sports camps, baseball/softball, birthday parties, boot camps, cheerleading, club volleyball, corporate events, dodgeball, lock-ins, skills training, taekwondo, and tumble." That concept sounds like it would work. But, if so, why there aren't more of them?
  • The word "taekwondo" has caused this image to be stuck in my head: 
  • The House Democrats staged a sit in on the House floor yesterday in response to the lack of gun control legislation. The Republican response was to shut off the CSPAN cameras which only led to more media coverage via Periscope. I think we have a shortage of competent PR advisers in this country. 
  • Johnny Football was the alleged victim of a hit and run in Dallas this week. Junior Miller of the Ticket pointed out this morning, "He's like a vampire. You only hear about what happens to him at night." 
  • I'm four episodes into Game of Thrones, and I might be hooked. It dawned on me that it has the feel and substance of the action scenes of the very underrated Sucker Punch film (it was big on swords and even had a fire breathing dragon). And I'm a fan of 300. And Gladiator. Oh, dear, I like gladiator movies
  • Anybody see a trend? (Source):

  • Sad bit of irony: The Argyle Fire Department chief had his house burn down this week.
  • The coast guard is looking for a missing family off the coast of Florida. They were in a 29 foot sailboat that "the family had lived on  . . . for about a year." I googled "29 foot sailboat". Those are big boats but I'm not sure I would want to live on one. And I dang sure wouldn't want to live on it with three other people. 
  • California cheerleader charged in homeless man's death
  • Yep, same girl.
  • Jim Schultz from the Dallas Observer yesterday: "I had dinner with an attorney who said he thought few people appreciate that the district attorney holds the most powerful elected office in the county. I do know, because I know that a reporter can spend months compiling irrefutable evidence of a person’s criminality, then ask the DA why he or she refuses to seek an indictment, only to be told honestly, 'Because I don’t feel like it.' The office of DA is one of those full-stop points in the local power structure. The person holding that office can say, 'I rule that your traffic accident was an indictable homicide.' Or not. And there you have it."
  • I mention the Rangers for the first time all season yesterday and then news comes that Derek Holland is placed on the DL and Colby Lewis will miss two months. The Liberally Lean curse continues.