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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • "DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dozens of people were burned Thursday night after walking over hot coals at a Tony Robbins motivational seminar in Dallas, and at least five of those hurt had to be hospitalized, officials said." Did they not learn anything from Dwight in The Office?

  • And Tony Robbins is still doing that shtick?
  • I'll admit that I really don't understand the European Union vote (but prepare to see the U.S. stock market in a free fall this morning and then quickly recover.)
  • Funny sports humor line I saw: The European Union should immediately invite BYU to replace Great Britain. 
  • When I went to sleep, most of the major media outlets were saying the vote was "razor thin" close at 51.5% to leave and 48.5% to stay with half the vote counted. Boys, you need to take a statistics course. If you have a sample size of 50% of the vote, the result is known. 
  • All three local sports shows had live NBA draft coverage last night. So much media effort. So little public interest. (And Mavs fans had to wait until the 46th pick to see how they would screw it up.)
  • A 19 year old was sentenced to 25 years for meth over in Grayson County.  The War on Drugs continues.
  • That story says he will be eligible for parole after he serves 1/4 of his time. Not true. It's actually quicker. (Technical point: I bet 90% of criminal lawyers and prosecutors in Texas don't understand the wording of the "1/4 parole law" for non-3g crimes.)
  • The former McKinney Police Officer who tried to crush the unauthorized pool party from last summer was not indicted by a grand jury. Although he shouldn't have been, every criminal beat reporter should have Microsoft Word autocorrect "gjnb" into "Grand jury no-bills police officer" because it happens so often.
  • But I don't understand the teenager suing the police agency. Even assuming it was a civil rights violation (doubtful), you weren't hurt. 
  • This image alone cost him his job: 
  • Evil Empire acceptance rate by race (source):
  • I always have to link to the Texas Tribune because they called me out once for potential copyright infringement.