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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I preached all during the primary that the Trump campaign was going to cause the implosion of the Republican Party at the national level. Now it is happening. Dissension among the rank and file. Trump fired his campaign manager a month before the convention. Trump is low on campaign cash ($1 million to Clinton's $42 million). And the all important minority voting block is revolting.  This election is basically over and the GOP better worry about long term damage.
  • The Senate voted on gun control amendments to an appropriations bill yesterday. All failed. In fact, more people died in the Orlando shooting than those who voted for the bills.
  • It took me a few hours to realize the actor who died in a freak accident, Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in Star Trek was the young actor and not the Chekov from the original series. I remember him most from the great Alpha Dog.
  • Random Trivia: The original Chekov character was played by Walter Koenig, 79, who got the role, in part, because he looked like the Monkee's Davy Jones. In fact, he even wore a mop-top type wig in the original series to accentuate the look.
  • I've not mentioned much about the Rangers (9.5 game lead in the West this morning) because I'm beaten down by the fact there are 91 games to play. The last regular season game is on October 2nd. 
  • Someone asked me yesterday why I link to a page of Google News search results when I mention a news story. Answer: I figure if you are interested enough to click on the link that you'd rather pick your own source than read a particular story that I handpicked for you. I'm fair and balanced that way. 
  • BagOfNothing's odd story of the morning: He once played football with a teammate who had a baby arm. (Ticket fans just laughed. The rest of you will be offended by that reference. And I'm now telling Mrs. LL there used to be a Baby Arm geocache -- she will be giddy about the news.)
  • "I want to emphasize once again that the main reason I’m doing this is that I refuse to ruin the lives of two young men who have spent their adolescence and teenage years, working and sweating, while we were all in the air conditioning." - A DA in Alabama Louisiana on his decision not to indict two Crimson Tide football players on dope and gun charges. 
  • Yesterday, the Supreme Court allowed evidence to be used against a defendant even though the person had been illegally detained. It's not necessarily ground-breaking but does involve something I hate: A "three-prong test" with a "cost-benefit" analysis. I feel sorry for any prosecutor who actually reads the case and has to advise the police. The only thing he can say is, "Yeah, the courts might bail you out from time to time but don't think you can go out there and stop people without a reason and always get away with it." 
  • A 13 year old died at a Southlake ISD swim practice. How does that happen? There were 24 students in the pool and two coaches on watch. 
  • Dallas DA Susan Hawk is on her third "leave of absence" for depression.  She needs to resign - not because of mental health issues but because the office can apparently run just fine without her. It actually is a pretty good case study that the office needs to be an appointed position instead of an elected position. (Side note: I get hypnotized by Hawk's duck lips.)
  • DFW news this morning: "A semi driver followed a man he thought stole another semi. Alleged thief was hit, killed by the 1st semi driver." I hope, at the very least, that the guy actually stole the semi. That being said, I'm not sure he deserved a privately imposed death penalty for stealing a truck. Maybe there's more to it. 


Anonymous said...

NCAA Division I Football as bad as NFL. You recruit/hire privileged thugs, you get privileged thug behavior.

Anonymous said...

Pretty good dissenting opinion penned by Sotomayor. Powerful stuff.

DF Thurgood Marshall

Anonymous said...

Maybe all those people who cry out "how can a child drown with so many people around" will shut up...just because you can swim does not mean you cannot quietly and so fast.

that guy said...

The GOP isn't imploding, it's just becoming apparent that it has been a wing of the democratic party all along.

to borrow a phrase - here is a hot political opinion, in the coming months you will see a large exodus of prominent republicans who will change their party offiliation to Democrat.

They've been found out, no need to hide it any longer.

The silver lining to the cloud will be that peope will realize the game has been rigged against them all along.

I love baseball season. I agree that it's a little long but life will be much simpler for the next 6-8 weeks.

Dope and gun charges can mean any number of things. I won't read the story because I don't care. I actually prefer a system where those in power still have the authority to exercise a little discretion. Hope he's (the DA) right.

Here's something I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on. In Houston a police officer was chasing a purported drunk driver. Said police officer runs a red light while in pursuit and caues a crash that takes his own life and the life of a child. How is it that the guy running from the police is being charged with intoxication manslaughter, he didn't kill anyone and is this the county trying to indemnify themselves from a future lawsuit by going it was the other guy's fault?

Anonymous said...

"minority voting block is revolting", yes, they stink on ice!

David Venable said...

The DA is actually from Louisiana so letting two Crimson Tide players off the hook will probably cost him his job.

Anonymous said...

The votes are further proof the people are ahead of those supposedly leading. 80 and 90 percent of Americans approve of tighter restrictions on guns. Even SCOTUS agrees. I predict gradually NRA will not be able to withstand it

wordkyle said...

You're late to the game in proclaiming the GOP a house divided. (Side note: When's the last time you took the temperature of Sanders supporters?) The Republican leadership is comfortable in their Washington social scene, and they're willing to mislead their own constituents to stay there. Republican rank-and-file naively hoped those leaders would for once do what they promised while campaigning, mainly because, until this year, voters didn't have any other options. Trump is nowhere near the ideal candidate, but he rattled the cage of the Washington insiders, thus his appeal. We'll have to wait until the debris settles to see how much effect it had.

(P.S. It's pretty clear that despite the evidence against her, Hillary Clinton will never be charged for her malfeasance, not by this administration's inJustice Department. The question is whether the Democrat rank-and-file has the backbone to not support a leader who sold herself, and America, to the highest bidders.)

Anonymous said...

I don't think your comments about the Trump campaign being over are valid....not by a long-shot. That is just wishful thinking on your part.

But if there is an implosion within the Republican party, it wasn't caused by Donald Trump. It was caused by the Republican establishment. If they would have done what the voters elected them to do, Trump wouldn't have made it past last August. You are smarter than this BG. It is embarrassing that you are only interested in making a statement that is biased, self-serving, and political. You don't actually care about the truth. Oh, wait, this is a repeat from yesterdays news that the White House wants to withhold truthful information. Must be a liberal thing.

Anonymous said...

Ticket fans just laughed. The rest of you will be offended by that reference.

I didn't laugh and the 1310 Ticket idiots don't offend me. Those Ticket personalities range in age from over 40 to at least 70 (Hitzges). Old sh*ts like that need to go away and take their irrelevance with them. Scram!

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about the two Alabama football players; but if they committed a crime, how would the DA be "ruining" their lives by prosecuting them? I'd say they "ruined" their own lives by breaking the law.

Anonymous said...

Starr county- #1 drug transport route from the cluster %$#@ we call the border.

Barry--another mouthpiece for the Truth and Transparency administration and Loretta Lynch.
Good job selectively mentioning tangential news swayed to the liberal perspective!

Not Sam.

Anonymous said...

Really? You are saying the election is over in June? Guess we better ask President Dukakis about this. He was up 15 points in June in 1988.

Anonymous said...

The exclusionary rule is effectively the only wall left protecting the 4th Amendment. And that wall is now a pile of rubble.

The SCOTUS just created an incentive for cops to illegally stop literally every single person they come across. There is NO impediment or disincentive to making an illegal stop now. All stops are legal.

Papers please!

We used to make fun of the Nazis and Commies in the movies with their "papers please" routine, and stops and searches of citizens whenever and wherever they want. Now, the Stasi has come to us. We incarcerate more people, gross and per capita, than any country in the world, including acknowledged police states and banana republics.

Conservatives only care about the 2nd Amendment. The rest of them are worthless in their eyes and they do nothing to defend and uphold them. The last time a criminal defendant won an exclusionary rule case at the Supreme Court was 1990. Not at all coincidentally, Clarence Thomas replaced Thurgood Marshall in 1991.

DF Thomas Jefferson

Anonymous said...

No one (outside of you, Barry) even cares about the Republican Party. What concerns the sane is the demise of this country. Hillary Clinton is an idiot that has failed at everything she has ever done, except live above the law. The Clintons have always lived above the law and this bankrupt country (monetarily and morally) can do little about it. We had the greatest country, and it took the most stupid people on earth to destroy it....and we had a plethora of those.

Anonymous said...

Injustice Dept. Hoo, boy. Clever.

Those aren't duck lips, those are DSL's.


Anonymous said...

Trump has been using a huge amount of campaign expenditures to cycle money back through his own businesses. According to an analysis by the AP, through the end of May Trump had plowed $6.2 million into various Trump companies, which is to say, back into his own pocket. That's roughly 10% of his campaign spending so far, which is almost entirely from the loan (which he can still repay to himself out of future fundraising) he made to his campaign. He kept up the pace in May, spending $6.7 million on his campaign and more than a million of that to various Trump enterprises.

Anonymous said...

More people have been gunned down and killed in Chicago, just in the month of June, than were gunned down and died in Orlando on June 12. And about three times as many people have been shot in Chicago this month than were killed or injured in Orlando on June 12. Sadly, Orlando's statistics are nothing compared to the day to day in this country. Hell, just in one city. Same for drunk driving and other criminal killings. But when it only happens in ones and twos, it's not a story. Same suffering, though. Same bleeding. Same pain, same anger, same everything.

Triple Fake... said...

So, according to commenter 9:51's logic, only people under age forty are qualified to discuss sports in a radio format. Once you hit the Big 4-0, you're too far removed from the high school glory days to have any relevance. Logan's Run II: Sports Edition
Does that also include TV? Because the majority of your sports commentators/announcers in that medium are also "old sh*ts". Seems like you would be doubly offended, having to look at and listen to all those gray-haired wrinkly farts. (and you do sound as if you're offended, contrary to what you're saying)

Anonymous said...

Came here for Wordy's asinine comment and I'm not leaving disappointed.

Now awaiting her glib retort.

(Fun Fact: You can switch out asinine and glib on either sentence and it still works!)

Anonymous said...


You are legend. Well done.

Anonymous said...


The magic number on Logan's Run was 30.

wordkyle said...

221 - Interesting. You look forward to my comments, and you say it's what motivates you to come to this forum, but until you mentioned me I had no idea you existed. Are you sure you want to give me that kind of control over your life?

Anonymous said...

2:21 that's funny, I came here to see what WK's dumb ass stalker had to say and I'm not leaving disappointed . Do you actually have a life outside of obsessing over a stranger on a blog?

Anonymous said...

Odd BG, you didn't mention two of these gun bills were shot down by Dems because they object to due process for a citizen wrongly placed on a no fly or terrorist watch list. They want it so anyone who disagrees with them can be denied a constitutional right.

NoseALot said...

RTG: That is some itsy bitsy there!

Anonymous said...

I came here today hoping for some menstrual verbal cramping from our resident monthly irrational WordKyle hater and I'm not leaving disappointed.

Not really awaiting her glib retort. She's all the way annoying all this week.

Has anyone noticed what phase the moon is currently in?

(Fun Fact: Female menstruation usually only lasts around 40 years and can always be cut short through simple surgical procedures!)

jon spencer said...

Read this about drowning, it might save someone.

Triple Fake... said...

The magic number on Logan's Run was 30.

4:10 PM

I know that. Thanks anyway, chief. The commenter @ 9:51 determined the cutoff. But I bet he's never heard of that movie, since it's like, old and stuff. From the last millennium and all