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Obviously Falsely Accused


Anonymous said...

I'd acquit that.

Anonymous said...

Hit it and acquit it, you mean?

Anonymous said...

My glove would fit

Anonymous said...

She is innocent! I can see it in her ...aaahhhh... eyes! Yea, eyes!

DF Johnny Cochran

Triple Fake... said...

Your headline makes it obvious, but the simple title of "Bikini bandit" doesn't specify whether it's a girl - or guy (shudder) - committing crimes in a bikini, or just some perv who is stealing bikinis.

Sorry if the gender count in that scenario wasn't all-inclusive, but the New World Order takes some getting used to.
Now that I think about it, will the LGBTQ label start including all the letters of the alphabet? Wouldn't want any of them to feel marginalized. I saw an acronym the other day that had several additional letters, and I have no idea what they meant

Anonymous said...

News you can use. Brought to you by the hardest working man in Wise County, Skippy Finfrock. Please post the latest pictures of Brittney

Anonymous said...

Well 2:44-----------------

If there was a "Q" in there surely you could figure that one out.

Come to think of it, that's really the only letter that whole bunch of mentally ill misfit defective excuses of humans needs at all. It also very aptly describes all you "tolerant" sorts pretending that science doesn't apply to gender.