The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • If I'm Dirk, I jump at the chance to go to Golden State. Why stick around with Dallas? He doesn't owe them. They owe him.
  • As with all recent presidential elections, it comes down to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. Trump needs all three. Clinton can win the presidency with just Florida. Fox News reported she has a massive lead there of 47-39 percent. (Hispanics and Latinos make up almost 1 in every 4 Floridians.)
  • On the rumored three person short list for Hillary's VP is Texas' Julian Castro.  Let me call your attention to a random thought on Liberally Lean from April 1, 2015: "Hillary should select one of the Texas Castro brothers as her vice president nominee. She won't win Texas even if she did, but it could awaken the Hispanic electorate in general. And once they are awakened, it's game over. Not just this election but for years to come." #MeEqualsPoliticalGenius
  • I'm a huge fan of Texas Monthly's Skip Hollandsworth and enjoyed an excerpt of his new book about an Austin serial killer in the 1880s. He will talk about the book today at an odd place: Highland Park United Methodist Church. 
  • TCU might just win the baseball National Championship. 
  • I saw that our County Judge is reading Empire of the Summer Moon. A fantastic book with a history lesson relevant to Wise County.
  • Austin's transportation department went undercover to catch underground ride-sharing drivers they say violate city code. Cars were towed and fines were issued. I may have to change my saying from "Too many cops" to "Too many cops and wannabe cops."
  • Robert Jeffress, my nemesis from FBC of Dallas, is all over Fox News these days and is constantly promoting his appearances on Twitter. He did so this morning so I did a quick look at a few of his followers who had immediately "liked" his tweet. One was from Heather Jones whose profile reads, "I believe Jesus has saved my soul and Donald J Trump will save America."
  • I always make fun of WBAP's Hal Jay and The Ticket poked him with a stick this morning as he was confused about the Orlando Massacre thinking that the shooter had contracted AIDS from a Latino. Notable quotes: "He was a gay Muslim with AIDS" and "He's just mad that a Latino gave him AIDS."
  • I laughed at the comment yesterday taking me to task for liking the Ticket because it's "nothing but a bunch of old guys over 40." (Paraphrasing.)  The Ticket has a character named "Dylan the Attitudinal Teen" who would say something like that. 
  • We had a horrible case up in Melissa where a baby was left in a hot car and died. Note to cops: You didn't have to immediately arrest the guy. Let him grieve for 48 hours, get a warrant, call him, and let him turn himself in. It's a procedure that happens all the time. 
  • I didn't watch the USMNT soccer game last night against Argentina, and I'm glad I didn't. All that time and the U.S. didn't have one single shot on goal.
  • I think you should at least have to show your G.E.D. before using the word "Libtard".
  • So how many same sex marriage licenses has Wise County issued? It's coming up on the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court decision. 
  • “It’s rare that you see someone get stupider before your eyes . . . .” - Mark Cuban on Donald Trump.
  • Knee-jerk reaction: This doesn't look like a kid who would drown . . .