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I Have A Baseball Post!

Ian Kinsler was genius on this.

One out. There is a guy on first who is as fast as Usain Bolt.  Since there is only one runner on base, the "in field fly rule"does not apply. Kinsler is actually smart enough to know this.  If Kinsler catches the ball, the fast guy stays on first and the batter is out. Instead, Kinsler intentionally lets the ball hit the ground and throws it to second for a force. Now the fastest guy on the other team is out instead of remaining on first.

Sneaky, but brilliant.

(Stuff like this was why I almost won Manager of the Year of a bunch of sixth graders who were lucky enough to remember to take their gloves into the field after they just went 0-fer in their at bat.)


Triple Fake... said...

cute, but Omar Vizquel pulled the same trick when he played for the Rangers in 2009. He was playing second base, and acted like he lost the ball on a high pop-up and it fell about two feet behind him. I think it was the speedy Ichiro on first.
The infield fly rule didn't apply then, either. But it is a smart tactic used by veteran players. It can be tricky though, if the ball takes a weird hop and isn't fielded quickly.

On a side note - nice to see you back to your old self, blog-wise anyway. I'm so glad you're back that I'll lay off busting your chops for at least a couple more days.
Except for this: You mean the guy on first is the baseball equivalent of Bolt. Nobody is as fast as Usain Bolt, mon!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you're getting back to normal. No more gibberish. Way to go, BG!