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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Lake Bridgeport level is 4.88 above conservation level and I bet it will crest above 5' today with the runoff. Do they have the flood gates wide open? I bet not or Eagle Mountain Lake would flood.
  • Nevesta Jones of Bridgeport and Berry White of Runaway Bay were interviewed on Fox 4 last night (via tape) about the flooding.
  • You think MADD isn't in it for the money? They get paid $800,000 for a two year contract from "many" states to monitor and report how DWI cases are handled. In Texas, there's an official publication by the State every year which already does it 
  • The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday whether a person arrested for DWI who refuses to give blood or breath can be charged with a crime for the refusal regardless of whether the person is eventually acquitted of DWI. In Texas, a refusal normally causes a driver's license suspension up front but in several states the refusal is an actual crime. Those were the cases before the Court. The defense argued, correctly, that some states were making it a crime to assert your constitutional right not to have your breath or blood searched. If the cop wants your blood, get a warrant. 
  • The trial next week of the assassination of a Cartel lawyer in the high tone Southlake Town Square sounds like it will be fascinating. 
  • The killing of the fitness instructor in Midlothian by a person dressed as a swat team member is equally fascinating.  That was a designated hit, right? 
  • I missed a Supreme Court case from March where, amazingly, prosecutors are still hiding evidence which cause cases to be reversed. The rule is simple: “[T]he suppression by  the  prosecution  of  evidence  favorable  to  an  accused  upon  request  violates  due  process  where  the  evidence  is material  either  to  guilt  or  to  punishment,  irrespective  of  the  good  faith  or  bad  faith  of  the  prosecution.”  And that has been the law since 1963. (And the rule was later modified that the evidence had to be disclosed even if the defense lawyer didn't request it.)
  • My health has improved dramatically but I've still got a ways to go until I get a full release. But this is the best I have felt in over a year or more. And I'll never again mock someone who is hospitalized due to stress/exhaustion. 
  • The Texas Hammer is now running commercials with his lawyer son who also yells at the camera. I cringe for my profession every time. 
  • Man, Amazon hires a lot of people in North Fort Worth and the explosion of businesses and restaurants in the area of 287 and 35 and North Tarrant Parkway has been nothing short of mind blowing.