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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Barry Held Hostage: Day 6. Ted Koppel has to be thinking about firing up Nightline again.
  • Other than one brief night in the hospital 15 years ago, I've never been through anything like before. 
  • It's insane. You get out of be and an alarm goes off.A sweet attendant will show up and will stay with you until you walk back to bed.
  • If you simply want to walk down the hall, one of them must come with you.(And they walk with you like your a toddler yet I'm fine!) Strangest think I've ever seen. (Then again when they give me dope at 4:00 and then I have to walk a ways two hours later I might look like a toddler).
  • If get to my feet and either Mrs. ll or the staff asks me for the billion time, "What are you doing?, Local law enforcement will have the joy of locking me up because I will go on a rampage.
  • I know why health care costs so much: I meet with doctors, aides, physical therapists, multiple nurses, a guy who draws my blood, a guy who monitors my blood pressure, a case manager, a CNA, etc. I even had a lady come in to watch me eat to see if I was "swallowing correctly." And that doesn't begin to calculate the cost of the analysis of the blood and other interpretations of the tests. 
  • Then throw in a MRI, CAT. EKG, and EEG and the price is through the roof. And that doesn't even factor in the hospital room and the extreme cost of a band-aid. Good lord.
  • Don't get me wrong, the health care I have received has been excellent, it is the cost that is out of control.
  • Yesterday, two different nurses asked me if Mrs. LL was my daughter.
  • I wish I had Anthony Bourdain's career.
  • Lake Bridgeport level is 2.5 feet over conservation level this morning and rising.And, by the way, the lake is CLOSED.
  • LAKE WORTH - Fort Worth police found a body in Lake Worth on Saturday morning."