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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Donald Trump has blamed George W. Bush for 9/11. That's a little over the top, but this really angered radio guy Mark Davis this morning who said "No one saw 9/11 coming!" Good lord, man. Do you not remember Condolezza Rice testimony before Congress where she said a month before there was a presidential briefing of a document entitled 'Bin Laden Determined To Attack Within The United States'?
  • Many years back weren't there some guys who just happened to be from the Middle East using the Bridgeport airport for pilot training?
  • The FBI is after Apple for not agreeing to turn over information on how to break the encryption of the iPhone. Good for Apple. They didn't commit the crime. Fight the Man!
  • Early voting turnout in Tarrant County broke records. Something is going on out there with the electorate. 
  • A funny Twitter bit happened when someone told me over the weekend I should have been at an event shaking hands for political reasons. Referencing the great movie O' Brother Where Art Thou, I responded with "I'm mass communicating here!"  Then someone chimed in with "You don't tell your Pappy how to court the electorate!" Funny. Here's the scene if you are so inclined. 
  • DPS Press Release: "Weslaco –The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) seized over 100 pounds of marijuana on Sunday, February 14 after a Texas Highway Patrol Trooper stopped a vehicle in Brooks County." But you can go to Colorado a few hundred miles away and it is not a crime. Idiocracy.
  • My assistant has told me she reads Random Thoughts just to determine what kind of mood I'm in.
  • Every time I hear a commercial about "house flipping" I think of the phrase, "There's a sucker born every minute."
  • I'd  love to see RG3 in Dallas. And if they had an offensive coordinator who knew what he is doing and RG3 got back to full health it would be at least a perfect stop gap measure. 
  • NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made $34.1 million last year. Think about that the next time you see some spare NFL player unconscious on the field. 
  • I've forgot to mention this for over a year: On one of my football trips I was in Morgantown, West Virginia. During warm-ups they showed a video regarding the travel of the team and the logistics. They pointed out that the equipment unit had to drive shortly under 1,500 miles for a game against Texas Tech in Lubbock.