The Campaign For DA


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The courthouse is closed but I'm here for Random Thoughts. Once again, the hardest working man in show business
  • The death of Justice Scalia was shocking. I'm almost scared to mention that less than two weeks ago I was on the steps of the Supreme Court and tweeted out a picture with the caption that Scalia refused to talk to me. The Liberally Lean curse continues.
  • True story: I once shook Scalia's hand at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth.
  • Before he died, the Austin American Statesman had already sent to press a story about the high tone Texas resort he was staying at.
  • His death will also draw attention to the goofy Texas law requiring a Justice of the Peace to "declare" someone dead.
  • Conspiracy theories are already floating. And this is right out of The Pelicon Brief.
  • His body is not cold yet, but his death just caused the greatest twist in the presidential race.
  • Ted Cruz said the Senate shouldn't approve any nomination until we have a new president. And he is a "lover of the Constitution?"
  • I spent a ton of time this weekend going through old issues of Texas Monthly. My appreciation of that magazine grows by the day.
  • Man, that magazine makes want to visit Big Bend.
  • Mrs. LL almost tore off the front bumper of the Gangsta Mobile again. I spent Saturday morning performing my zip tie magic.
  • Over the last few weeks I've learned you don't walk two city dogs through Twin Hills where there are other country dogs behind backyard fences. As someone told me, "Those other dogs are straight out of Compton."  That's funny.
  • Mrs LL doesn't think I can fish. I told her I just happen to listen to the Honey Hole. A question mark formed over her head. 
  • What's the easiest way to find/replace window screens?
  • There was a good Messenger editorial this week dogging the local Republicans for not having one single forum or debate. Come on! WWDD? (What would Donald do?)
  • I had a probation officer catch me off guard last week when she asked me "What is your platform? What do stand for?"  I'll admit that I paused a few seconds to think. And then I thanked her because moments like that are great practice, and then said, "To treat people fairly". I should have added "and not like cattle" but I didn't.
  • I'm researching buying a kayak which has prompted Mrs. LL to tell me this will be a disaster. (Ticket fans are thinking of the Wolf Blitzer drop)