The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Uncle Hank of Breaking Bad is in the old movie The Firm. 
  • I watched the new episode of Better Call Saul last night. That episode was creepily believable. A sole practitioner who would never work for a big law law firm despite the salary offer and an idiot who doesn't understand he needs a body guard. 
  • Mrs. LL reads John Grisham books and yells about how awful the story line is but she still can't put them down. She's right. They are so ridiculous yet so good.
  • Grisham wrote one non-fiction book, The Innocent Man, about a guy wrongfully convicted out of Ada, Oklahoma. It was fantastic and haunting. (When Grisham was asked if he liked writing fiction or non-fiction he said fiction because he just gets to make things up instead of researching and having to get everything right.)
  • Three of the four People In The House have been sick --- something that never happens. And the 7th Grader In The House is running a high fever. Something is going around. 
  • The Cruz v. Trump fight is so fun.
  • The Rhome Police Chief has been placed on "paid administrative leave" following some incident on Tuesday.  (He's running for Sheriff. Is there a Vegas line on that because I'd bet every single dime I have?)  Can that city get its act together? It embarrasses the county.
  • “Will I be an S.O.B., I think he said?” Jeb Bush said, turning to the crowd. “I will be tough, I will be resolute, I will be firm, I will be clear, I will be determined.”
  • I don't understand how Texas judges can tweet when they should be working. And I bet they are using government phones using a government paid phone account. People have been indicted for far less. (I'm thinking of a Wise County example.)
  • One of the many odd things about me: I detest restaurants. I think it is the biggest ripoff in the country. Bang vs. Buck.
  • Ticket fans: They replayed the Nolan Ryan snow monkey interview this morning. I bet I've listened to that twenty times over the years, and I laugh out loud every time. 
  • My laptop got screwed up somehow, and I couldn't access the LL comments section. I finally just handed it to Mrs. LL. Five minutes later she hands it back to me and says, "Boom! Problem fixed."  Technology is no longer my friend. (The problem was some Chrome add-on that I had downloaded. I would have never figured that out.)