The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It looks like law enforcement in the metroplex is engaging in their fake pay-your-fine-or-we-will-arrest-you ruse this weekend. Do the math. Do you have any idea what it takes to process one person? It's a bluff. (And, once again, I'm not saying to not pay your fines. I'm saying law enforcement is lying to you.)
  • Nothing makes me giggle more than Texas political ads and now they are coming fast and furious. If someone had trademarked the word "conservative" he would have made a fortune. 
  • My allergies may kill me. 
  • Baylor reported no sexual assaults between 2008 and 2011. Not one. Not a single date rape? For a school I adore let me say this: You are lying. And it is getting very close for an apparently clueless and naive President Kenneth Starr (who got really worked up about a consensual relationship between a President and an intern) to be fired. And if I'm this worked up, trust me, the other uptight Baylor natives are even more restless.
  • Update on the Rhome situation: The Chief of Police disputes that he is on administrate leave. This is right out of Idiocracy. Mayor: "Yes, you are". Chief: "No, I'm not". 
  • Touching: John Kasich hugs a college student at a campaign rally who is obviously upset. Disgusting: They immediately turned it into a campaign ad.
  • Two dead after a shooting this morning at a high tone Las Vegas hotel. 
  • Ethan Couch's case will be heard today as to whether he will be transferred to adult court. Once again, if there was a Vegas line on this I'd bet the house. (And MADD is already there for a press conference. They are the equivalent of PETA in looking for press. And money.)
  • There was a tour helicopter crash in Hawaii. One of the craziest declarations my mother ever had was "Never take a helicopter ride in Hawaii!!! They always crash!" She might have been right. 
  • Police have shot and killed a man in Parker County after a "stand off". Do we not have enough officers to go in shifts and simply wait him out? He has to eventually sleep. Or, after hunger, just give up.