Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I learned for the first time yesterday that Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bruce Lee were in a movie together. That's funny.
  • There was a huge cross country fuel card theft ring that pocketed over a half million dollars. Some of the charges where in Bridgeport.
  • I'm still amazed that I posted about Sid Miller yesterday (see below) and then he became national news for being naturally offensive. I'm not sure the Texas Republican Party of God and Family needs him on their team. Or is he the face of the team? Edit: To commentor "DF Mary Magdalene" -- that was funny but there's no way I'm going to publish it. 
  • As Showtime airs a show on the Baylor scandal, the school's star receiver retweets a video of a guy drinking and rapping not so female friendly lyrics. Good lord.
  • Cher lived in Burleson as a girl? 
  • "Fort Worth Police Arrest 1,500 Thieves With Bait Cars". If your job depends on crime and there isn't enough crime, you create crime. (Thanks emailer.)
  • I'm fascinated with the fall in ratings for NFL games. I don't know the reason other than for years I've said the games are boring. And when every point spread is about three points which means everyone is the same, how can you care?
  • I don't know why I watched some of Shark Tank last night but that show, like any show which says it is a reality show, is horribly scripted. 
  • The Messenger has a front page story on a woman from Alvord who was arrested after her child drowned in a tub during a "booty call." (Their words. Not mine. Well, words they are quoting from a witness.)
  • Illegal Adderall possession (which seems to be possessed by every college kid) has been reclassified to a misdemeanor in Texas but a lot of DA offices didn't know it. (Now the legislature needs to reclassify THC.)
  • We had a police ambush in Des Moines overnight leaving two officers dead. Mark Davis began his radio show this morning suggesting it was the result of Black Lives Matter but wanted to hold off until he had all the facts. Good thing. The alleged shooter is a white guy.
  • I always look for commercials disguised as content and the Ticket has been guilty of late. Out of nowhere, a reference to Stewart Mandel of Fox Sports was shoehorned into three segments over the last 24 hours. (I'm guessing it has something to do with a cross-promotion agreement with Fox Sports whose Joel Klatt also has a weekly segment on the station.) And The Hardline, which rips country music constantly, just happened to have a positive segment on the Country Music Awards show which just happens to air tonight. Paid ad. Corby Davidson almost laughed when he began, "I was thinking about the Country Music Awards . . . uh . . . and I know that sounds really weird."
  • Hey, ALL CAPS guy tried to call me on my election bet proposal yesterday. It just so happens that I'll be at a luncheon for a presentation by a Trust Department of a local bank on Monday. Maybe we can agree on someone to hold the money. Email me. Call me. Let's work something out.