Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't think I've ever watched Good Morning Texas but the local townsfolk appear to be excited about its road show this morning. 
  • I went to vote today and was asked, "May I see your ID?" Whoa. Wasn't the Texas voter law struck down? Yes. But, under a settlement of that case, the alternative is to fill out a "Reasonable Impediment Declaration" under penalty of perjury with the contradictory disclaimer of "The reasonableness of your impediment or difficulty cannot be questioned." From there, you either had to have your voter card, or one of the following: A certified birth certificate, current utility bill, bank statement, government check, any government ID (showing address or photo), or paycheck. Sheesh. I gave up my five second act of civil disobedience and showed the ID.
  • And you still think there is voter fraud in Texas? The most trusted man in news, entertainment, and pop culture almost didn't get to vote this morning. (But I got a couple of bullet points out of it -- Which is nice.)
  • The creepiest thing you'll read all day: "South Carolina police have found a woman who has been missing for two months 'chained up like a dog' inside a storage container on a 100-acre property, the local sheriff said." It was on the property of a registered sex offender. Her boyfriend, who went missing along with her in August, has still not been located. 
  • Do you think there will be anyone who gets up at 2:00 a.m. to adjust their clock because they've been told to do it at 2:00 a.m.?
  • Dallas Police had a bad day: "Senior Cpl. Justin Shaffer was fired Thursday after he was found to have lied about his work and harassed his ex-wife, and Officer Ricardo Solis resigned amid allegations he approached two girls for sex last year, police said."
  • Death penalty cringe: With an eight member Supreme Court, it still takes five votes to stay an execution for review. Yesterday, four voted for a stay to review a case. Justice Roberts finally joined them writing that they were wrong but would do so as a "courtesy". That just seems a little fast and free with the issue of life or death.
  • This looked like a mess in Arlington after a truck lost its load of propane tanks:

  • Everyone on Fox News promotes their own book but now Megyn Kelly has joined the group. Her's is interesting in that she "details of her alleged sexual harassment by her former Fox News boss, Roger Ailes" including that he "to help 'advance' Kelly's’s career in exchange for 'sexual favors.'" Recall Fox News settled with Gretchen Carlson after she sued Fox over the harassment.
  • George Soros has donated $2 million to the opponent of Sheriff Joe and $1.5 million to the Democratic challenger in Houston's DA race. Not only are they state races, they are county races. 
  • College Football: Don't rule out a 2 loss Oklahoma team making the Final Four before all is said and done. And the Aggies could actually pull it off if they win out (and Alabama wins out including SEC Championship game)
  • I've mentioned before that Dak Prescott might end up being seriously underpaid. But can he do anything about it? All rookies sign a four year contract and the very important labor agreement provides they are paid according to how they are "slotted" (picked) in the draft. Dak could hold out but can the Cowboys pay him more if they wanted to? The answer appears to be no. The labor agreement says that rookie contracts cannot be renegotiated during the first three years. (Otherwise the pay scale based upon slotting would be meaningless.)