Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Halloween and trick or treaters is pretty fun. Cute kids. Sweet kids. Older kids. Rude kids. Kids who climb on rocks. (But uttering the phrase, "Trick or treat" literally doesn't make sense, does it?)
  • We had one girl come up to the door who was obviously going through chemo.  That sight was a kick in the gut that I probably needed to get some perspective. 
  • The Eighth Grader in the House was gone for quite a while with friends last night but came back with very little candy.  I wonder if she was up to hood rat things? I sure was back in the day on the mean streets of Bridgeport on Halloween. 
  • I've mentioned before that our group lobbed a bunch of eggs at a highway patrol car that was in my neighborhood on Halloween when I was in high school. The police response looked like something out of Smokey and The Bandit as about thirty of us scattered into the woods behind my house. They came in after us. My superior back country night skills prevented me from being apprehended. 
  • Saw this online: Fake Gary Patterson sweating with his towel girl right by him. 
  • And this was some good sports humor: 
  • Horrible news out of Baltimore this morning:
  • I think I was in a grumpy mood when I wrote yesterday's Random Thoughts. 
  • The reward for the missing ZuZu is now at $200,000. I'm not sure I've ever heard a figure that high before. 
  • Can Baylor please get some scene control on this scandal? They got hit by the Wall Street Journal on Friday and will be hit by 60 Minutes Sports on Showtime tonight. When they fired Briles they should have just come clean. Make is one massive explosion instead of an ongoing civil war that seems to never end.
  • I've mentioned before  these weird fentanyl overdoses that have been rampant throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania. Now we've got maybe five such deaths in Lubbock.