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Tarrant County Prosecutor's Closing Argument Gets Case Reversed

What was it in this murder case?
Was there any evidence of that? Uh, no. That's a problem.

And since the political atmosphere at the time of the trial in 2014, some of the relevant news events were listed in the opinion. Edit: I didn't word that very well.

Opinion here. Concurrence here. Dissent here (which condemned the comment but said that trial counsel did not preserve the error for appellate review.)


Anonymous said...

Four of the "relevant" news events had not even happened yet.

Anonymous said...

Couple observations....

Since when does the court use wikipedia references?

"Because Appellant did not, I must dissent, despite my wholehearted agreement with the majority that the prosecutor’s conduct in this
case went well beyond the bounds of acceptable advocacy."

So what happened to the definition of "justice"?

And based on the dissent's comment alone, why isn't action taken against the prosecutor?

You legal types, speak up.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the prosecutor who made that argument still works there. I can't imagine that Sharen Wilson will look fondly upon that.

Anonymous said...

I learned this in grade school: "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me."

I learned this in high school: "Don't make the black kids angry."

Anonymous said...

Both presidential candidates are far more qualified for that position than Sharens latest promotion. She has now promoted to deputy chief a prosecutor who has had exactly one felony criminal jury trial. Defense attorneys are laughing and no one in the DAs office respects this guy. This position is the one directly above felony court chiefs and this guy is not qualified to be a felony criminal court chief or really anything close. This move is her masterpiece. She has made some bad moves but this one will never be surpassed.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if the prosecutor who made that argument still works there. I can't imagine that Sharen Wilson will look fondly upon that."

One of the two still does but I don't know which one of the two said that. The other works in the Dallas DAs office now. The one remaining in Tarrant is a felony court chief and I'd guess that is who said it but I don't know.

Anonymous said...

2:02 -- yes, you are correct about bad moves. Just a few of the greatest hits:

That weirdo David Harris: check
The know-nothing, do-nothing Mike Mitchell: check
A guy who had previously been suspended from the practice of law: check
Multiple bar exam fail guy: check