Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL and I just happened to be looking at the remains of a house fire early Saturday morning when a guy walked up to us and asked us if we were the owners. He said he was "public adjuster." There's no such thing, right? What the heck was he up to? (And once he found out that the fire involved a fatality, he left.)

  • The Evil Empire beat Baylor on Saturday. Hot sports opinions: Baylor isn't very good, I'm not sure Art Briles' son didn't throw that game, and K.D. Cannon is the biggest waste of talent in Baylor history. And it's on him. 

  • Jim Harbaugh on Saturday looked like Kiefer Sutherland from Designated Survivor.


  • Mark Cuban has to be coloring his hair. It's blacker than black.

  • And yesterday Cuban said on Fox News that Trump called him "a couple of times" at the beginning of the campaign. No way. No how. 

  • That vague letter to Congress from FBI Director Comey to Congress is just, well, weird. 

  • I have an official lock bet: Hillary will win the election. And I'll go one step further: I'll bet ALL CAPS guy any amount he wants. $100? $1,000? 10,000? Keep it coming.(Edit: I'll cap it at $25,000. I'm not crazy.).  Condition: He has to put his money in the hands of a third party whom I approve of beforehand.

  • There was a great bet on Liberally Lean many years ago between two commentors on the outcome of the first Obama election. I was to hold the money which, I recall, was $100. It was delivered in a  sealed envelope in my office. When the winner showed up to collect his winnings, he opened the envelope to find it full of worthless shreds of paper. (I did a blog post about it with a photo but I can't find it. A Google search for a Google hosted blog post is ridiculously awful.) 

  • Comedy gone wrong:

  • "A state forensic scientist whose work has been called into question will no longer serve as an expert witness or perform lab work in drunken driving cases in Dallas, Collin, Denton and Rockwall counties." That is huge, huge news criminal justice news. But this next sentence confused me: "At the request of court officials in those counties, cases pending trial that were worked by Chris Youngkin will be reanalyzed by another DPS forensic scientist, according to a statement from the Texas Department of Public Safety." At the "request of"? There is no way that's an accurate statement.

  • I watched half of Cape Fear yesterday. What a weird movie. It's chillingly great and creepy for the most part and then ends as a horrible action movie. And I never noticed at the end they were on a  house boat which was basically in the odd combo off a swamp and a hurricane. 

  • Off.

  • And I saw a portion of Gran Torino yesterday which re-affirmed my belief that Clint Eastwood may be one of the worst actors and surely one of the worst directors in history. Million Dollar Baby, anyone? (Think the GOP wants his "empty chair" speech back?)

  • And to think that tax dollars pay someone to sit around and post things like this:

  • Speaking of Fort Worth PD, the father of Texas Tech's quarterback was arrested at TCU game on Saturday -- by an off duty police officer. Too many cops?

  • The Messenger used the Stranger Things font generator this weekend on a Halloween story. You can, too.

  • Someone threw a sex toy onto the field during an NFL game yesterday.  WBAP's/TCU's play by play man Brian Estridge said this morning, "Does anyone know where [Traffic reporter] Laura [Houston] was yesterday?" And that is why the Trump supporters will lose.  The old, white, and oblivious male no longer controls the country.