Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • National election polls for the presidential election are meaningless. It's all about the swing states. And the great fivethirtyeight.com now says Florida is an absolute toss up but still gives Hillary a 67% chance to win the election.
  • Mark Cuban is really acting odd on this election with his Trump hatred. He said the other day ago that if his stance costs him all his money, he doesn't care. (And it has nothing to do with Trump being short of "details" as he says. This is purely personal.)
  • Thanks to the great Internet investigative skills of Mrs. LL, I may have finally figured out who ALL CAPS guy is. I think he's a guy who isn't very smart pretending to be dumb in a very dumb way.
  • And my bet proposal with him on the election still stands. We just need to agree on someone to hold the money. (We had a bookie offer his services in the comments yesterday. I've already proposed a mutually agreeable bank.)
  • I'm not a baseball fan, but that was an entertaining Game Seven last night. (I actually fell asleep during the rain delay and woke up as the game resumed and, through sleepy eyes, for a second thought it was the 18th inning instead of the 10th. But I did stay awake to see the end of it.)
  • Cubs Thought: I'm a fan of Bill Murray but he might want to take it down a notch. The same with Eddie Vedder.
  • Baseball managing is so overrated. Anyone with half a brain could do it with thirty minutes notice. Compare being an offensive coordinator in football and try to do the same thing and you would have a disaster on your hands. (And I've even read George Will's Men at Work.)
  • The only "play" a baseball manager needs to "call" is to bunt with no outs and a runner on base. Other than that, let them play and make the very rare obvious changes.
  • Joe Buck is really, really good at what he does whether it be baseball or football.
  • Troy Aikman said on The Ticket this morning that he went to the Adele concert last night and got a text that the World Series game was in "overtime." 
  • The Cleveland manager last night in his post game press conference said "It hurts when you care." That sums up life like nothing else. 
  • Why isn't there a easily accessible record of every time the cops search a car based upon their perceived probable cause and find nothing or every time a drug dog "hits" on a car and nothing is found. 
  • The Des Moines guy who killed two cops was crazy, but his video at the high school game (see post below) presented a great First Amendment issue: Can you be kicked out of a high school stadium for holding a Confederate Flag when doing so upsets people? The answer has to be "no." (Side note: The police telling him he was being asked to leave "private property" made no sense.)
  • Unrelated.
  • Things to invest in right now: Drones and Virtual Reality.