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Real Life Russian Superhero

This is a strange one. Some guy comes up and sucker punches a gal causing all of us to recoil. And then, when certainly all hope is lost, what must be Chuck Norris' long lost Russian cousin just walks off the bus and takes care of business.  Even had a little visit with the guy before picking up the girl's belongings and walking away.

The guy just saw a situation that needed a little perestroika.


Anonymous said...

Just another day in the wild west of Moscow.

Walkerstonavich - KGB Ranger

Anonymous said...

You using the Trump definition of peristroika?


Anonymous said...

We could never count on you to do something like that - defend a helpless person.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but her vodka was left spilling on the ground...a real Russian hero would have saved both!!!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't happen in America, no guns involved.