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Callback From Yesterday and DPS' Press Machine

Remember that DPS announced they would have troopers in school buses or following them for this week? Let's take a look at that announcement.

Just like there was no trooper around or in the bus that was involved in the wreck this morning in Fort Worth, DPS probably isn't doing anything different this week. And you can't say they are lying in the press release. It just said:
  • troopers (plural so two would suffice) 
  • in "many areas" (how vague is "many" and "areas")
  • will either be 
    • riding on buses OR 
    • following them. 

That wouldn't take much, if anything, to satisfy the promise.  But they got the free and good PR out of it. 


Ernest T said...

So just because one single bus in Fort Worth didn't have a trooper on it, they are completely lying about this? You would do anything to attack our law enforcement.

They said that troopers in "many areas." Just because this one bus didn't have one didn't mean that there weren't others on other buses in either FWISD or other local districts.

I am sure that they were concentrating on the areas that have the most issues. This would be the most effective usage of the officer's time, not simply putting one on every single school bus, which we simply don't have the manpower to do.

RPM said...

Could have used one on 114 this morning. Asshole in black Cadillac almost hit 2 school buses.

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget how upset this blog is that troopers in the Austin area were out in force trying to stop texting drivers...folks who do things like plow into the back of a full school bus.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Yep it's DPS fault. Last I checked Fort Worth has a large PD.


Anonymous said...

Geesh, where's Staton to put your dumbass in your place?