Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • "Thousands of DWI cases potentially at risk as credibility of DPS lab expert questioned" - Dallas Morning News. The guy has testified in Wise County before. (And there seems to be, or at least should be, more to the story than one incident of "conflicting" testimony. The story wasn't all that clear.)
  • The Messenger's headline seemed a little matter of fact for the case just being at the indictment stage. 
  • I'll refer to Mark Davis show on 660 AM  from time to time but I'm  worried about his radio station. Their website for the last week looks like someone forgot to pay the bill. (The home page redirects you to a page with "suspended" in the URL.)
  • Steve Eagar, the mild mannered Fox 4 anchor, can be a grumpy old man on Twitter. He fired off a tweet on Friday that sounded a little sensational. I called him out on it -- which is dumb on my part because twitter wars are dumb. He responded.

  • I still question that a detective just happening to drive up on a gunfight. (Dallas PD will later vaguely report that "The officer was in plainclothes driving an unmarked police vehicle at the time of the shooting.") But the officer wasn't shot in the foot. #LivingTheReclinerLife #SomewhatInaccurate
  • I'll give Eagar credit -- he's an entertaining follow. Most of the reporters on the station will tweet out something like: "Taco Shells! Flour or corn!? Fav for flour or retweet for corn!" 
  • In between Trump calling the election "rigged", he was able to solve a crime in record time over the weekend. 
  • And he got a little weird this morning and is still going strong:
  • Sports opinions: (1) I bet the Cowboys will run Elliott into the ground under his rookie contract and then let him go to free agency. It's the new NFL way. (2) I'm not sure UT's Shane Buechele can throw the deep ball. (3) They shouldn't allow blitzing in pee wee football. (4) Alabama will throttle unbeaten aTm this Saturday. (5) How much did Microsoft spend on the Surface campaign which is everywhere during an NFL game? And does anyone own a Surface? (6) Heard in the house during Packers' game: "Look, there's Jo Jo's brother-in-law." (7) I don't want to see Romo giving Prescott advice on the sidelines. (8) The Big 12 makes an expansion decision today, and know one knows what the crazy school presidents will decide. I'm not sure they do right now as they eat breakfast.
  • Risky Business was on the other night. I have never thought for a second that Rebecca De Mornay was attractive. 
  • Man, there are a lot of troopers: "According to the DPS, troopers will either ride on school buses or follow them as they make their rounds during National School Bus Safety Week, Oct. 17 through 21 . . . ."