The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That Al Smith Charity dinner last night was better than all three debates.  I had it on and really didn't intend to watch it but it suddenly became can't miss TV. Mrs. LL noticed my "Oh, my!" face when I couldn't believe what I was hearing. 
  • Overall, Hillary and Trump took great and funny shots at each other. Trump's routine, however, had about a three minute section which caused him to be booed and some speechwriter to ultimately be thrown off the Trump Tower. Lines like “Here she is tonight, pretending not to hate Catholics,” did not play well. 
  • But the unintentional star of the show was Fox Business reporter Maria Bartiromo. It was mesmerizing. 
  • It used to be really weird that within a couple of days of when a guardrail was damaged there would be "Warning: Guardrail Damage" sign put out and then repairs would be almost immediately made. (It was weird because guardrail damage shouldn't be someone's #1 priority when driving.) Anyway, now guardrail damage lasts for months and months. The guardrails around the 380/287 exchange in Decatur look like a battle ground.
  • Former Tech coach Mike Leach said publicly that Arizona State steals signals and was promptly fined $10,000.
  • If you have any interest in whether the Cubs can reach the World Series, you have to find and see the 30 for 30 "Catching Hell" on the Steve Bartman incident. It covers everything from who Bartman was, how he ended up sitting there, what the rules are for fan interference, how the media inadvertently made him a target for horrible Cub fans, and where he is now. 
  • "Arlington police say pictures taken with phones stolen from a car were apparently backed up to the victim's computer."
  • The Supreme Court Effect of this election is in play because of the elderly age of some of its members. We all just assume that those positions are kept until death. Even I had forgotten that David Souter simply retired from the court seven years ago and is still active today.
  • Someone give me the names of the three Tarrant County assistant DAs who have left over the last couple of weeks. 
  • A girl claims to have found Bryan Cranston's new book in a bookstore at Love Field which was signed by him with an inscription and a receipt saying the book was free. Being the skeptic, I thought it was a genius publicity stunt by his publisher. (And it could be done in other airports as well.)  But Cranston was in Dallas on that date so it could be a single quirky gesture. 
  • The Palo Pinto County Sheriff was indicted. He was involved in a car chase that ended in a death that seemed a bit odd to me at the time. (I'll have to find my old link.)