Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • How odd it is to have four young metroplex girls go missing or killed where their male friends are suspects or more: (1) The victim in the recently completed Arochi trial - never found, (2) Jackie Vandagriff, the TWU student - found dismembered and burned near Lake Grapevine, (3) Typhenie Johnson  of Fort Worth who went missing about a week ago - not found, and now (4) Zuzu Renee Verk of Keller who is/was attending Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas - not found.
  • "ZuZu" was the name of the child in It's A Wonderful Life. Several sites tell me it means "lily" which reminds me that a petal fell off  of ZuZu's flower in the movie which caused her concern. I wonder if that was a coincidence.
  • There was lots of talk yesterday that Hillary was tightening the race with Trump in Texas.  It won't happen this time, but Texas will eventually turn blue. Can you imagine four or eight years from now if Florida becomes firmly Democratic and Texas becomes "the" swing state which decides it all?
  • WBAP's Steve Lamb yesterday: "Tony Romo will come back sooner or later but we don't know when." You know, that "sooner or later" part is not necessarily true at all. 
  • I kept hearing about the Texas 11 and 12 year old Texas football team which had their "season  cut short after taking a knee". Here they are:
  • That area of Runway Bay which burned yesterday has been the general location of multiple unrelated fires over the years. (Condos, apartments, homes, etc.) And I'm not sure high winds/tornados haven't destroyed a couple of building right around there as well. It's like the Wise County Bermuda Triangle of property damage.
  • Anyone remember the Bermuda Triangle?
  • The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas wants Trump to come by and renew his vows before tonight's debates.  That place has been the site of the weddings of such famous people as Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Michael Jordan, Britney Spears, and me. Decatur criminal lawyer Paul Belew was also married there. 
  • "The Legislature in 2015 approved $800 million over two years for border security and shifted the focal point of the campaign from the National Guard to the DPS, which is set to hire 250 new officers by the end of the year . . . . DPS Director Steve McCraw said the [new] $1 billion funding request for the 2018-19 budget is necessary despite competing demands for state resources. 'We wouldn’t ask for it if it wasn’t needed'." Incredible. Give it a few years and DPS will pull out of the border business but won't see its budget decreased by one dime.
  • Never forget: 
  • That "rodeo" scandal with Decatur connections has been settled per the Star-Telegram. (But even though they put the story on its front page, a link to the story is not on its home page --- a home page with a ton of links. I don't understand that.)