Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Big 12 Expansion: Texas and OU are at a bad dinner party with the Big 12 and are just buying their time until they leave. And then expect to hear they got a quickie divorce themselves.
  • We've got a fake clown on a lawn in Decatur with the sign "Free Hugs" above it. We support funny current events humor.
  • Did you see the insane dripping-blood-finger from pitcher Trevor Bauer during last night's ALCS? I heard this morning that the umpires may not have had a right to keep him from playing. I could actually be an idiot on that -- I have no idea.
  • Time magazine lost its mind yesterday.
  • No one outside of their teens should utter the words "throw shade."
  • "Does this microphone work?" - Jason Garrett yesterday getting frustrated with QB questions. The Dak/Romo discussion has already given me Tired Head as well. 
  • For a while there was a rash of motorcycle deaths and wrong way drivers in the metroplex. It's picked up again with one on Central this morning where the wrong-way driver, identified as Lauren Cordova, 27, died along with the other car's driver, Hussein Zaybek, 23. There was a combination of both in Rowlett two days ago involving a motorcycle going the wrong way and colliding with a car.  Then there was the passenger motorcycle death in Fort Worth on early Saturday morning. 
  • Late yesterday, a Wise County jury was -- for the first time to my knowledge --assessing punishment for Possession of Marijuana < 2 ounces, a Class B misdemeanor. (I think it was a guilty plea.) Court records this morning show that he was sentenced to 180 days in jail but that the sentence was probated by that same jury. The probation term is for one year. I don't see  a fine as being part of the punishment.  (Court costs will run around $300, probation fees $720, and a multi-hour "drug class" to get his license back which for some reason is suspended by the State because of any drug conviction. And I'm leaving out some other fees, costs and hoops.)
  • I'm not sure I understand Hillary doing a one week ad buy in Texas. I would understand it if the buy had been done by DNC or some Democratic SuperPAC with the ads focusing on  Dallas, Houston, El Paso, and Austin because those are places Democrats lower down on the ballot can win. 
  • We've got a six week trend of NFL ratings being much lower than past years.  Could Mark Cuban have possibly been right when he said the NFL was "greedy" and "Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered"?
  • Let's check in on a Trump rally in Green Bay yesterday and pray this all ends soon:
  • Moment of silence for Billy Bush. 
  • The most recent text you sent is now your presidential campaign slogan. Go.