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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • How many people do you think were murdered in the U.S. in 2015? (For those interested in this fun little morning piece of information, the just released official answer is at the end. See if you can get within 10%).
  • Trump was more like Trump than I thought he would be last night. I doubt it hurt him or helped him much.
  • The possible exception is his interruption of "That makes me smart" when Hillary said he basically doesn't pay income taxes. That could hurt him. 
  • Trump's reference of a hacker being a "400 pound" guy sitting on his bed makes me smile against my will. 
  • Crime Reporting Thought: The phrase "an guns were also found" never even registers with me. I believe everyone has guns. 
  • So when do we learn Dez Bryant is gone for the year? Nine o'clock hour? Ten?
  • WBAP's Steve Lamb this morning said there has to something up with Dez's knee since they scheduled an MRI after seeing the X-ray. He thought that a clear x-ray would have eliminated the need for an MRI.
  • A family member once took a Religion course at Baylor and found out that a Baylor football player was in the class. After the player failed a major test (made like a 40 or something) he was heard walking out of class saying, "I guess I ain't gonna be no preacher."
  • It seems like every presidential debate used to focus on Social Security and the concern over whether America could "afford it" in the future. Now you never hear about it even when we are right in the middle of the time they all feared: Baby Boomers are becoming eligible to collect. 
  • Maybe its because I recently watched Concussion, but I seem to focus in on any helmet to helmet hits when I'm watching games this year. 
  • I made a horrible Rangers prediction a couple of months back.  Of all the powers I have as a Sports Expert, pro baseball is my weakest. That's odd since I'm a wiz at college softball predictin'.
  • From the Update: "COURT’S IN SESSION – Bridgeport Municipal Court will hold jury trials at city hall at 1 today as scheduled." So something is going to happen as scheduled? Am I missing something? 
  • I'm not sure what's up with the lawyer who was the guy "in military uniform with Nazi symbol injures 9 in Houston shooting."
  • I refuse to (yet) believe that Dak is the "quarterback of the future."  We've seen three games. Redskin fans thought the same thing about RG3 after sixteen games of his rookie year.
  • Official murder answer: 15,696.