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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump fans are mad that the media is talking about him "calling a woman fat twenty years ago." There's some merit to that. So what does Trump do at 4:30 this morning? He keeps the story alive: 
  • And does he really want me to "check out [her] sex tape"?
  • Hillary had a little "shimmy" during the debate the other night (which led to a brilliant Hillary Shimmy video). But no shimmy will ever beat the greatest shimmy in the history of ever:
  • We used to have an Anti-Animated GIF guy in the comments who would lose his mind if I ever posted one. I miss him. 
  • I mentioned Judge Meyers on the Court of Criminal Appeals using the phrase "all the feels" in an opinion last week, but I completely missed something else he wrote in a dissenting opinion. He went off -- and I do mean went off -- on all the other judges on the court for, in essence, only providing justice to the Gov. Perrys and Tom Delays of the world -- two people the court had recently ruled in favor of. But if you are a nobody, Meyers wrote, the other judges will write 40 pages to rule against you. 
  • The majority opinion and Meyers' opinion's appendix detail the facts of the case which actually involved Montague County. It includes a who's who of the Montague Justice system and some Wise County names are big players. 
  • Bridgeport played a high school football game last night. I'm guessing they probably have before, but is that possibly the first Thursday night game for the school ever? And another fun fact: They played Benbrook Middle-High School. Yep, "middle-high."  That's even more unstable than playing high school football on Thursday. 
  • Hey, I basically predicted that Dez would be out for the year with the knee injury and, based upon the circus at The Star, I wouldn't rule that out from being the actual prognosis.
  • The Tarrant County DA's office has decided to seek the death penalty in a case from April where a guy allegedly dumped his better half off of a bridge over Lake Worth.  I hate the image  of two or three prosecutors sitting in a room deciding whether someone should die but I don't know how I would change the law. Sure, they don't have the absolute power to kill someone (they have to go through a jury) but they do make a literal life or death decision because they could guarantee the State doesn't kill him. 
  • I thought the Texas Lottery was faltering. Officials announced there have been a record $5 billion in tickets sold this year.
  • Speaking of feeling uncomfortable, put the following new release on the list as well. There's just something odd about government teaching us "how" to interact with government. (And if there is anything in the "how" that says we should be "responsive to officers questions", I'll go nuts.)

  • There was a minor viral video of a guy briefly losing the engagement ring while proposing in the crowd during a Yankees game. The video didn't do much for me, but I did smile when I first heard the TV guy quickly referencing what he was seeing as being "like a lost and found in a border town" with a guy "looking for a diamond ring." But he ruined the moment by (1) referencing that he was actually quoting lyrics -- hey, buddy, just leave it hanging out there, and (2) saying his "buddy Kix Brooks wrote" the song.