Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Thought it was an obscene gesture there for a second.

  • This photo was floating around yesterday. 
  • There is a crazy heroin/fentanyl problem in Ohio. Seven overdosed and died in Cleveland on Saturday. This comes on the heels of 174 overdose calls in Cincinnati over a period of six days last month.
  • That Ice-T commercial makes me laugh every time. 
  • LSU fired Les Miles yesterday so they now owe him $13 million. I'd put Art Briles in the top two of candidates since LSU doesn't care about baggage. And in doing so they might get five star quarterback recruit Jarrett Stidham who quit Baylor this summer and has already begun to hang around SEC sidelines
  • Pretty rare to see such a stance: The Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association posted a letter "vehemently" opposing the appointment of a prosecutor to the (relatively spare) position of probable cause magistrate. They literally called her "unethical." 
  • Jerry and 50 Cent together just makes me laugh.
  • Tributes for Jose Fernandez, who died in a boating accident over the weekend, flowed in yesterday. One I heard was heartfelt but mentioned how Fernandez "lived life to its fullest."  That kind of stopped me down since being in a 30' speeding boat at 3:00 a.m. -- a stone's throw from South Beach -- would probably be considered as living life to its fullest.
  • A tweet one year ago from Fernandez:
  • I really like this photo.
  • Insightful Cowboy Analysis: (1) That hit that Cole Beasley took should have killed him. (2) We've got an Over-Celebrator in Ezekiel Elliott. 
  • Trump moves closer to Clinton in the polls. This is kind of like the fourth quarter of an NCAA basketball final between Duke (Hillary) and Harvard (Trump).  Duke is now winning by 10 as we enter the back end of the fourth quarter. Duke feels comfortable but there's an uneasiness about that crazy and arrogant Harvard which shouldn't even be there to begin with.