Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't know what to make of it, but there's a Texas government run website which  shows up to date payments on government contracts at that state level. Glance through it. Remember how many times I've told you that the way to get rich is to be in the private sector working on a contract basis with the government? The amount of money thrown around is amazing.
  • Trump spent the morning after the debate calling a woman fat. This woman: 
  • I saw her on CNN and Fox News last night but had a hard time understanding her. She didn't speak 'merican to good.  It was a little like watching Gloria on Modern Family
  • Regarding the heroin epidemic in Ohio, this news from right across the border: "Clearfield, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania coroner says a Guatemalan found dead over a guardrail had swallowed up to $500,000 worth of heroin and was killed when one of the packets burst."
  • The Dallas Morning News has a story on mums. This silliness like below happens in the big city but not around here right? 
  • That Arochi trial took a twist when the defendant agreed to have the judge and not the jury assess punishment. I don't understand that. (1) A jury, although unlikely, could grant probation. A judge can't.  (1A) You've basically given up any possible reversible error from being committed by the prosecution during the now fast-tracked punishment phase or error in a no-longer-necessary court's charge. (2) That judge has already played to the media a little bit, and I'd bet it will be a shockingly long sentence for that media as well as future political campaigns. (3) There's a consensual underage sex case against the guy still pending. Sheesh. If the defense doesn't think there's any legitimate trial error, try to cut a deal with the State on both cases. Assuming the State would listen (a big assumption), it would be a steep price. 35-40 years maybe. 
  • I say it every year at this time: I love the red clouds at dusk and dawn.
  • Former Texas prosecutor John Bradley, who had a controversial role in the Michael Morton wrongful incarceration case, has resigned his job as Palau’s Attorney General. A job, by the way, which looks great simply by doing a Google image search of Palau.
  • A prominent Bridgeport resident had a hot sports opinion on the Bridgeport/Decatur football outcome.
  • And despite the commentors yesterday: I reserve the right to pull out a Pulp Fiction reference whenever I wish from now to eternity. 
  • Mark Davis on the radio this morning went on a double rant that everyone should pay respect during the National Anthem and that almost every black shooting by cops wouldn't have happened if the victim had "complied."  That's really scary when you cut it to its core: You  must show respect to government. If you do not comply with that government, you might die. 
  • I didn't even know there was a Houston Forward Times.